Bought my first new audiophile LP...back it goes

I opened my 200g pressing of Neil Young's "Prairie Wind" today. Had my Audio Intelligent cleaner all ready to go. Slipped the first licorice disc out of it's poly record sleeve...and it had three 3"x1/2" stains of some kind. I gently tried to clean them off using AI step 1 and AI step 2 and a soft cotton cloth, but to no avail. One other side was stained, too. So, back it goes to Elusive Disc. For $40 I expect the vinyl to be pristine and absolutely free of defects or stains.

Is this common with new audiophile vinyl? What a hassle...
It was that way for me too. Very poor quality. Never again will I buy audiophile vinyl. It is not worth the money.
I've heard of brand new LPs having fingerprints on them, apparently from people in the production facility. A stain would seem a bit much though. Maybe somebody at the factory spilled their Starbuck's latte on it :)
vinyl is what is always was..a hit and miss deal
The Classic Records 200g vinyl is developing quite a reputation and it's not a good one. I've bought some of the Speaker's Corners and Sundazed and been quite happy (well, as happy as you can be spending that kind of money for a record), but generally, I'd just rather buy used for considerably less money and take my chances if it's older music. Even at $10 each, you can buy 4 records to get one decent pressing which will probably be better than the re-issue anyway. Obviously, no way to buy older versions of new music, though, which is your situation here.
All too common unfortunately. The 200 gram vinyl and those distributed by Classic records Quiex SV-P really seem to be the worst. I just sent back my new Diana Krall to A-S and my Norah Jones.."Not too late" back to Elusive.

The Norah J LP was nosiy from the start ALL the way through..The Krall was the worst I'd ever seen a "new" record look and sound. marks and streaks everywhere, fingerprints that cant be removed,The very outer edge of the record was sharp as a knife and was not smoothed. Seems like there is very little to no QC done at all.

However the good new is that not all of the Audiophile vinyl is that way. For a real treat, check out LP's from Stockfisch, Mapleshade and other quality labels.

check this link too..

I have purchased about 150 new "audiophile" pressings in the past two years and have had to return 8, which were very quickly exchanged. I really like the 180gm the most. I have perhaps had better luck than most of the previous posters, my Prarie Winds is as quiet as a CD. I would give it another try and make sure you purchase from someone who will gladly take it back in return.
Dont have such problems with cd's......:-)

Sorry, couldn't resist. One of these days I will try vinyl and probably be enlightened but.....
My new Norah Jones had a 2" scratch, but others have all been fine.
Matty: Vinyl is the ultimate form of manic-depressive audiophilia. When it's bad, it's really bad, but when it's great, it's simply much closer to the musical experience. And, when it's mediocre, it's still better than CD. Much more work than CD, though, and not for the faint of heart. If the bulk of your musical preferences are in the late 50's to late early 80's (which mine are) it is the only way to fly, both qualitatively and economically providing you are a bit shrewd and have access to decent quantities of used vinyl. And there are decent quantities of new vinyl out there of very high quality at $10-$20 a record if you seek them out.
The only lable I hve had trouble with is Sundazed. Out of about six records three were messed up... one completely unplayable. The Fantasy 45 from Acoustic Sounds have been incredible everytime (super expensive everytime too...;-)

I too am returning the new Norah Jones and Diana Krall classic 200 gram vinyl records. I'm glad the hear it's not just me. Both those albums have terrible noise embedded in the vinyl. The worst pressings I have every heard.
Not had any problems, I buy my "audiophile" pressings second hand, there are a lot about. the added advantage is finding out of print pressings, many of the premium discs don't stay in print long. I spent 2 years tracking down a copy of Lorna Hunt's "All in one Day", it was worth it.
A label you colonials may not have heard of is Pure pleasure, a small UK outfit. All their pressings have been first class to date and they have some nice out of the way stuff. If you like jazz, I particularly commend Jim Hall's "Concerto", a real favourite of mine.
I am sure it has been done, but it might be worth everyone listing there 6 favourite Audiophile Pressings, both on the qualitry of the pressing and the music
many pressing plants (this practice started back in the late 70's)use recycled vinyl. the plants themselves are more primitive than ever (old equipment,etc) because its becoming impossible to make money given the lp's tiny marketshare. even the 'virgin vinyl' product is not what it used to be.
I just got the new Diana Krall as well- the center hole was not punched through, and the vinyl surface is noisy and distorted- very disappointing. Some of the others from Classic have been superb.
I just bought the new Analog Productions re issue of Fragile by Yes. Fortunately, I have a couple good copies of this early art rock classic. This rendiion sounds very harsh. Why it almost sounds like a CD.
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I don't buy new "audiophile" vinyl, but I have bought vinyl reissues that happen to have been 180g pressings, mostly Sundazed but also some others, and most were warped to some extent right out of the wrapper (several also had some instances of intermitent noise pressed in the grooves). Personally I like standard weight pressings better; the more flexible records clamp to the platter more positively and seem to stand less chance of being warped. I think that if you are clamping, there is no real advantage to heavier pressings over a good-quality 120g ones. To me the whole heavy vinyl thing is a marketing gimmick to charge audiophiles extra, and apparently it has worked.
Sorry, I misspelled rendition. Please forgive me.
The thought of having to pay to ship something back PLUS what you paid for the disc is what pisses me off. At the prices that you are paying for these records you have every right to be upset. You have to realize that the records are just the tip of the ice berg for revenues for high end stereo stores. They also sell stuff from record cleaning machines to phono pre amps and that is alot of there business. Well not as much as it used to be but you can't sell a silverhead phono amp or groove isolator if the source material your lisening to is a crappy pressing. When I see a audiophile pressing that is sealed and I no it is decent sounding and the price is right I scoop it up even if I have it already. case in point 6 months ago I bought an MCA 180 gram pressing of Dave Masons first album Alone Together for 15.00 still sealed. I have one already but this is superiour to the Mo Fi CD out there. Stop buying them,maybe the people who are selling them to you will start complaining to the manufacture.
02-18-07: Qdrone
The thought of having to pay to ship something back PLUS what you paid for the disc is what pisses me off. At the prices that you are paying for these records you have every right to be upset.


I imagine Elusive will pay for return shipping. If not, then I'll ask for a percentage of the purchase price credited back, and I'll keep the record.
I have a number of audiophile recordings. AAMOF I listened to Praire Wind a couple of hours ago...

I have never had one that had funk growing on it! I have some Sundazed LPs that sounded just awful, but they were clean...

No medium is perfect, but I'd like to think that ED will stand behind their product. As far as I know, they aren't out there to just rip people off...

Alone Together- remember the original vinyl release? Looked like somebody had puked on the TT.
I wasn't trying to insult. There are several on this thread. Just a shot at some levity. Appologies to anyone who took it otherwise.
Nrchy........... What the hell does AAMOF mean?

Happens with CDs too. I bought a copy of David Bowie's 'Low' just yesterday, got back to my car and opened it to discover that there was no CD in the sealed jewel box. Never had that happen before.

Heck I had to search google for it.
I wouldn't have thought anyone would have cared that much... now I have to think of a new one!

My Classic Quiex-SV of Neil Young's Greatest Hits has an inexplicable amount of surface noise (typical of a noisy used LP). I got busy and then realized I had owned it for six months and now it's too late to do anything about it, but for the record, the pressing is dogshit.
The more I read about members having issues with poor quality vinyl, the more I think I am better suited to the silver disc.
I just received the new "Fragile", huge scuff/scrape
mark across the whole begininng of the 2nd side right
through the first song. $29.98 + shipping, now I have
to send it back to Acoustic Sounds, what a hassle.

But, I also bought the new "Dark Side of the Moon"
which is perfect & the new "Modern Times" by Dylan.
The Dylan is perfect, 2 180gm LPs, beautiful gatefold
w/inserts for $13.99! at Newbury Comics in Mass.
That's a shame, because that is one great-sounding LP! I've been fortunate w/my Classic Records purchases. Sonically, most of them are very good.
Many have laid the blame on RTI for the poor quality control. Somebody has got to lean on those guys!
Don't give up on vinyl Tvad. I sometimes feel like I get away with stealing when I score a mountain of great vinyl from my used record shop. I mean $3.-$4. for records that blow anything on CD away. I have over 4 thousand LP's since 1998. I would say conservativley that 80% are better sounding than anything I have heard on CD.
I made the switch back to vinyl, and out of 2 thousand cd's I would guess that more than 2/3 of them sounded like crap.

I think that the recording industry is the culprit here. They moan about falling Cd sales. Why would some poor kid want to pay $18. for something that doesn't sound any better than what he can download for free?

I am with you. I have given vinyl a fair try. To me vinyl sounds compressed. The music stays locked between the speakers and never extends outside the physical boundaries of the speakers. One format is not better than the other they are just different.
Well, good ol Chad Kassem was kind enough to ship me a replacement copy of the new Krall vinyl and guess what- still nasty- scratchy sounding, leading edge of the vinyl looks scuffed, like it came off the press sideways. Too bad, she sings standards on this one, and the sonics seem pretty good behind all the noise and scratchiness. Has anybody gotten a good copy of this record, out of curiousity?
the new "fragile" on vinyl is indeed not the original, and is actually harder sounding than the japanese mini lp. i think the guys phoned this one in.
Johnjbarlow wrote: "Why would some poor kid want to pay $18. for something that doesn't sound any better than what he can download for free?"

Not defending record company pricing, but AAMOF (thanks Nrchy!), most of the downloading you're talking about isn't or can't be done at CD quality resolution, and a heck of a lot of that isn't done for free anymore either.
A little over three weeks later, I received the replacement "Prairie Wind" LPs, and I have to say they sound excellent. Worth the investment in this case. It also helps to like Neil, and not mind hearing the same melodies...albeit with slight alterations...that have been heard on previous Neil Young albums (but that's his MO, and somehow it doesn't bother me).
fragile - I bought the red plum original UK version on ebay
waiting for it to arrive

recent buys - Morph the Cat - great shape but too much bass in the mix

Nora Jones - sounds wonderful

Sufjan Stevens - Illinois - had soiled muffled up areas
and some light surface scuffs both sides, cleaned on the loricraft and it played perfectly

Guster - Waiting on the Sun - perfect

OJC jazz classics - one with a little warp but they all sound good

haven't played my Peter Gabriel Up yet, but it looks good