Bought a pair of Magnepan LRS. Should I buy a Schiit Vidar or Bryston 3B-ST?

Has anyone heard both? I plan on travelling so small form factor matters to me but I'd like to stay with class ab, and balanced connections. I like the idea of having monoblocks with the Schiit when I get the money, and I've had good experiences with the brand. (Owned a Saga, a Mani, and a Jotunheim twice) but Bryston has the name recognition. I'm also concerned that upgrade fever would be relentless with the 3B-ST until I got the new and very expensive 3B3.
I have a pair of LRS on order and Magnepan told me they really like 250-300 4 ohm watts per channel
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I'm running mine off a Crown XLS 1502 525 watts into 4 ohms.
Surprise surprise they sound fantastic. 
My Peachtree Nova 150 is serving now as a preamp. I just added a Schiit Modi 3 DAC (out curiousity for $99). Again, believe it or not this combination is sounding awesome with power to spare, big soundstage, dynamic sound. 
One other comment I believe the Vidar's specification calls for 8 ohms (not 4) when used as mono blocks so you may want to check that. 
Good luck on finding the right amp that works for you. 

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Magnepan and bridged amps rarely a good match