Bought a DAC, Do i need an expensive CD player?

Just bought a Tadac (equivalent to a MHDT Havana or Monarchy), need a transport/CD player to play music.
Am looking for very high quality sound and am concerned that a cheap transport will compromise sound and be the weak link in my system.

Do i need to buy an expensive CD player as a transport? If i use a Blu ray player as a CD player, i read that the power supply will suck, there will be jitter issues and that will all come through, with a poor source regardless of the DAC.

Possibly considering buying a Rega Planet 2000 or Apollo used, but read that CD players don't have long lives and that it is better to buy new.

Also considering purchase of a Pioneer 51FD Blu ray, as i need a Blu ray anyway, and for a mass market item, it is quite large and built (somewhat) like a tank.

By the way, will use of a Monarchy DIP or jitter control device bring the sound quality of a poor source close to that of a world class one? Will use of a different power cord help? The only thing that i can't do anything about is a poor power supply. Or will i save money by just buying a nice CD player anyway?

Or is it simply better to save my money and use my computer as a source?

How do i convert my cds to lossless files? Will be purchsing a Squeezebox Duet anyway for other reasons.
To transfer or import music from cd: First put the cd that you want to import into the computer drive. By default, whenever you put a cd into your computer, itunes will look it up on the net, get the track info and import it into your library. To give your tracks artwork, copy and paste an image into the panel (bottom left), or use 'Get Album Artwork' to get artwork from the store. Options you want to transfer your cd in apple lossles or wav format. Wav transfers everything from the disk with no compression and apple lossles does have some compressions, both are very good. You can change all default settings in itunes click Preference then advance their you can change formats apple lossles or acc. Also you want to check the error correction on.
IMHO- Without a doubt save for a server...
try the ilink hold over 150 cd's and sounds so much better
Use a computer, the best transport available.