Bottlehead Seduction Phono Stage question

Anyone build one of these things? If so, how do you like it, and what does it compare to?

I've got a Primaluna Prologue One with the built in phono card. It sounds great, but like everything I'm sure there's better out there. One thing perplexing me is that the Primaluna card is very small and is soldered directly to the RCA inputs. This seems like a super minimalist way to do things (in a good way). On the other hand, an outboard phono stage requires two sets of interconnects, tubes, and all sorts of other things to run through. With that in mind, will I really get better sound by adding a more complex item to my chain?

I'll be using it with a VPI Scoutmaster, Dynavector 10x5 combo.
Yep. It is a stunning phono stage, and responds well to mods. Mine is definitely a keeper.

I compared it back to back to a friends Krell. He was a little skeptical at first, the seduction being a "home rolled" phono. After the needle dropped he was suitably impressed. I believe he has one on order.

Get the Seduction. You will not be disappointed.

I totally agree with Paul! I LOVE my Bottlehead Seduction. It's kinda cool that you can mod it until the cows come home, (but do NOT have to). I replaced the stock Interstage and Output caps with Auricaps...and WOW!!! It REALLY allows for severe tube rolling also.

I'm NEVER selling mine :-)
I am also thinking about getting one. but I don't use a preamp I wonder if it has enough power to drive the amps directly, I would mod it with a volume control.

Thanks. Have you done any mods or upgrades to your Seduction? I added Mundorf and V-Caps to my Primaluna and the difference was dramatic. I was thinking of doing the same to the Seduction if I get it.
Gnugear - Mundorf & V-Caps will be great in the Seduction. I currently have dynamicaps but will go V-caps soon. I would suggest you do the C4S upgrade also.

Mark, I drive my power amp directly from my Seduction by way of a 5mtr IC. No problems whatsoever. I have a couple of pre amps, but the sound is best with the Seduction driving the amp directly.