Bottlehead Seduction or Cary AE-3 phono preamp?

I'm looking to buy a tube phono preamp and am considering these two possibilities. If anyone has any insight, one way or the other, into which may work better, I appreciate the guidance. Please also feel free to recommend an alternate choice in the under $400.00 range as well.

I will be using these with a Supex SD900E+, Denon 103D, and a Denon 103 through a transformer as well as Shure V15lllhe and V15Vmr/JICO straight in.
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I don't have any experience with the Cary gear, but the Bottlehead Seduction is great, especially when maxed out with the various upgrades. If you're handy with a soldering iron and like to tinker, the Bottlehead community is the one of the best.
How is the new JICO stylus for the Shure V15VMR? Is it as good sounding as the original? Thanks, Ray
Ray, sorry, I said "I will be using........" I have all of the other cartridges, as well as two 15Vmr bodies, my JICO stylus is not here yet. Those who have already received theirs, and reported on Vinyl Asylum, prefer them. Also note, I did not care for the V15VxMR, finding it too soft, my cartridges are non "x" versions that take the VN5MR stylus.

There is another issue. Original, original, V15Vmr stylii were made in the US. Shure later began making replacement stylii in Mexico. I did not think that the Mexican stylii sounded as good as the originals, but that may all be in my head, as so much audio stuff is.
I doubt you will find anything to beat the bottle head at this price point.
Energizer thanks. A Bottlehead Foreplay V2 arrived last week!
I am still looking for a used Seduction to purchase.
Viridian as you can see in this thread a BH Seduction will cost $400-$500.
Get real, I am the only one that talks about price in this thread as I am looking for a phono pre under $400.00. I put this as the price point there as the more expensive Cary sells for around this price point. Seductions sell new for $389 and used for around $250.00. Here is the currentl one on the 'gon:

Maybe it's time for you to stop fortune hunting and not try to justify prices drastically above market with my thread.