Bottlehead Seduction Clearaudio MM cartridge

Is anyone using a Clearaudio Arurm Beta S with there Bottlehead Seduction phono stage? I am thinking of building one.
I used my virtuoso with my seduction and it sounded great (better than 834p)
Thanks for your response. I am looking forward to the project, and plan to use the C4S upgrade kit.
If you like to tinker, you'll love the Bottlehead. I've one that I modified to my tastes. I use it with a Grace F9E on an old Denon table.
Yes, I have run this exact setup and it is wonderful. It is a very good match with respect to gain. I agree that the C4Sis worthwhile. I love the seduction. Have since switched carts but not sure I needed to.
Thanks for your response. This project is on the back burner until I get my cartridge back from Sound Smith.
I bought a factory built Seduction from a fellow Audiogoner, about a month ago. It came with a pair NOS National tubes. First play, it sounded better than what I had. Twenty hours later, it came alive! Blind Faith sounded as if was in the studio. This thing is cool!
Thanks for the update. I have one using NOS Amperex Bugle Boy tubes and running an AT150MLX. I love the combination but I've been curious about other cartridges to try recently, are you using the Clearaudio Arurm you mentioned in your original post? Can anyone else recommend a good cartridge to use with the Bottlehead?