Bottle Rockets- Great unknown Band- Still Exist???

Great little Rock and Roll band . They Sound a little like Skynrd and CCR and a liitle bit Country.
They opened for John Fogerty.
Are they still a group?
Thanks, a lot for the info.I was not aware that they had a new CD, I will have to get it..
The type of Music they play is simple, staight forward and full of catchy lyrics,and hooks.

Your right about the wrong time for them.

Still, there is a whole generation of us out there that bought and supported most of the past Music sales.
Compare that to todays's pitiful groups with the over dubbed, canned lifeless offerings that account primarily for the declining Music sales.

Anyhow, thanks agian for the info.
They are opening for the Allman Brothers on some of their summer dates this tour.
Great band.  Henneman was the guitar tech for Uncle Tupelo.  I call it the unknown nephew band, with Wilco and Son Volt being the better known spin offs from the Uncle.

The first two records are flat-out great, it’s been good but spottier since. IMO one of their absolute best songs “Waiting on a Train” from 24 Hours a Day was written by Henneman’s brother (Tom, IIRC)
great band--their song "my dog" is an all-time classic