Bother with multi plug or keep it in the wall?

I’ve been -until recently- using power strips with emi/rmi circuits, surge clamping, etc. when I moved up from a cheapo so-so to a tripplite isobar, noticed quite an improvement. I then decided I should get another quality yet affordable strip, thinking I could separate digital from analog, standard power supply from walwart switching, etc. But before even receiving another in the mail, I asked myself how things would sound simply plugging straight into the wall.  Never, ever sounded as good as simply plugging straight into the damned wall outlet. Stage, micro dynamics, cohesion for days. Not that I haven’t tried this before, but that was with an inferior amp (my current amp is a Creek Evolution 50a). And I’ve since replaced my outlet with one that’s overbuilt and hospital grade (that alone may have made the biggest difference?).
Got the second strip - a wiremold/Lagrange unit with a power switch and not as much clamping voltage, well built, etc. Really good, but still no comparison.
So, I don’t want to compromise what I’ve got going on...but also not sure I want to keep unplugging and plugging the amp cable (Wireworld), which I’ve now got set up with a high current extension cord so that I can simply plug and unplug without going behind the speaker every time I want to listen to music (which sounds as good as without).

Would still consider some other options, but don’t know what affordable options would not clamp current, while having a power switch and still be affordable. Thinking non-surge or emi/rfi as the amp seems to be doing fine on its own? Cullen looks to have a good one, but again no switch. Some say the Audioquest Powerquest 2 works well..but will be thoroughly disappointed should it still be a typical (cheaper) conditioner compromise. Maybe a house surpressor some day? Maybe less “clamping” there.

Sorry for the long post! This can be a complicated topic. Hope I don’t ignite a heated debate, here!

Curious who else here has gotten around this without a great deal of $$$($), or how many of you simply plug, unplug, plug, unplug...

I bought a bunch of WABER PS-615-HS strips on eBay. $16-$39. Hospital grade outlets, 15 ft. 14 guage cord. I put a pair of 20 amp orange outlets in a gang box and wired it up with a cutoff Waber cord.