Boston VR M60 Versus Definitive Studio 450

Has anyone compared these two speakers? I used to own the Boston's and kick myself for selling them. I'm considering buying another pair again but am wondering what feedback there is on the Def Tech's. Also in this $350 range are the Paradigm Studio 20 V2. Can anyone provide input on your personal experience with these speakers? Space is a premium too - cabinet cant be too large. Thank you.
I've owned the VR M60's and the Paradigms and heard the DEF TECHs.The Bostons are the most attractive and have a very clear/forward sound.The Definitives are a rounder/fuller sounding speaker while still preserving detail.The Studio 20's are my favorite Paradigms.They are better looking than the Def Techs and offer a fairly neutral,yet extended sound.They also image very well.