Boston VR 950

Hello guys! i need help about Boston VR 950 loudspeakers. What do you think about these loudspeakers used with audiophile components and with audiophile use only. Someone claims these speakers are for HT use only but i listened few minutes i liked them with classical music too. Any suggestion or opinion about?
I have a Yamaha A-1 with the 970's and love them for video. I was drawn to them at my local dealer for theater use. I will say that they are very true to the source in the upper mid-fi arena. They are enjoyable and worth the money for video because they have the built in subs which reduce space and cost in a "family" room. They were made with video in mind, but are accurate enough to sound good for audio only. I even bought mine new and plan on keeping them for many years. My main audio/video system is Krell & B&W so I am familiar with high end components (owned and sold many others). Good luck.
Thanks Krell for your help describing me the Boston VR sound , you have been helpful. For the latest word i 'll wait for someone who owns the 950.