Boston Symphony Chamber Players...

Mozart sacd chamber music to die for. As good as I have EVER heard. Performance and sound quality are as good as it gets. Any others of this caliber? Jazz, classical, rock, you name it. I'm talking (great performance without saying) sound quality to die for. Not good, great, excellent: Superb, goose pimple stuff. An sacd that sounds as close to an LP as can be. This sacd I put out here, is a musical referent for those who have heard this baby so you know what my tympanics are speaking of. Thanks in advance.
"An sacd that sounds as close to an LP as can be"

How about a BMW M3 that performs like a Model T?

Rok, you have not heard the cd. Check it out before you hit the send button. "M3 that performs like a Model T?" Not a good or fair analogy. I don't know of any M3 that will kick a Model T's ass.
Ignore Rok, he just enjoys agitating others. He's deaf you know, he can't hear any differences in anything audio related.

I have that SACD Warren, and it is one of my favorites.
Here is a couple others that I enjoy (in no particular order):

*Telarc SACD-60641 Leonard Slatkin, St. Louis Symphony Orchestra

*Telarc SACD-60541 Erich Kunzel, Cincinnati Pops Orchestra

*MCA Chess 088 112 940-2 Muddy Waters Folk Singer

*Groove Note GRV1014-3 Jacintha is her name

*Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Ultra Disc UDSACD 2002 & UDSACD 2004 Patricia Barber Cafe Blue and Nightclub

*Audioquest AQ-SACD052 BluesQuest
Thanks. that's a start. I have the Pat Barber album..sweet, indeed. Jacintha? I have an xrcd of hers. Beautiful fidelity, but her voice? Just does not do it for me. I tried to sell the xrcd on the 'gon. In fact that was the only xrcd I have ever tried to sell. I'll give her another listen. It has been a very long while. If you think of others, you know where I be.

I have the 1812 on Telarc. I have it on LP also. It is the worst version of the 1812 on record. CD, SACD or LP.

I just happened to be listening to the 1812 toady. One of the best. This is the 1812 with chrous.

1812 Overture / Romeo and Juliet / Capriccio Italien
ST. Petersburg Philharmonic Orch / Ashkenazy

The Telarc thingy is just for show. Look at the grooves on the LP. I would have thought that a connoisseur like yourself would know better. Ignore, INDEED!


I was not commenting of the music. BTW, it's on my 'save for later' list. I was just wondering why someone would want a SACD disc that sounded like early 20th century technology.
No Offense intended.

1812 Overture? Eech. He should stick to ballets. The canons are cool to see what your low end can do. BTW, please get off my thread. You're mean spirited and an _____too many ugly nouns I don't know where to begin. So I won't...I'm sure you will be back..oy

oops!! I didn't realize you were a moron. Sorry. Go buy that sucker. You deserve the advice you got.