I just picked the first Boston on SACD. Now I hear Tom Scholtz is remastering both this one and dont look back. Their is not much info on the SACD but I get the impression is Tom did'nt have much to do with the SACD. Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the mix and the quality of this release?
the single biggest problem with the format is that most releases do not have artist consent or participipation. its like changinging a movie years after the fact, without the director's knowledge or consent.
SACD does not improve rock-n-roll recordings, IMO. The format somehow removes the punch and drive reqired to propel rock music. DVD-A would have been a better choice, but in the end, does a Hi-Rez format really make a recording like "Boston" better? How many of us listened to "Boston" on highly resolving sound systems? Maybe none? Exactly my point.
I have the SACD and the Sony gold disc. Based on my comparison, the gold disc sounded much better. Third Stage is in MFSL gold and sounds great as well. I think Don't look back may be on a gold disc, but I don't have it.

I was never really impressed with any of the Rock Recordings I purchased on SACD. I think Madhf is on to something. When it comes to rock, I would say it is safe to say the MFSL Gold Discs and Current Remasters will sound better than the SACDs on a good Redbook Setup..

Well thanks for the input. As for rock on SACD I thought the police sycronicity was absolutly amazing. Is it really a rock cd, well thats debateable. I have Dont look back on the gold disc which I thought was good. So now I guess not only am I 27 bucks in the hole for the SACD but now I have to by the remaster just to compare!!!Yikes

Thanks for the posting guys
Maybe they'll release everything again on 8 track and cassette. Sales will undoubtedly approximate their SACD counterparts.
I have more than a feeling there are some Boston bashers here.
I see my SACD walking awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.