Boston Acoustics T-1030 Foam

Recently purchased these speakers on Audiogon and the foam surround, while in place and look great, are tacky and soft. Contemplating replacing foam butI am concerned to DIY since the woofer is discountinued. Anyone know of companies in MA that provide this service. Eight drivers so shipping may get costly.

Also, how difficult is it to do. I looks easy but I have heard mix opinions. Thanks.

Replacing foam surronds isn't that difficult a thing to do, and there are many companies that sell kits to do so, and if you can follow some simple instructions, and take your time, you'll do alright. I myself use a company called Simply Speakers which are out of Fla., and if you feel uncomfortable doing the work, they do the work, but labor and shipping cost might be more than you want to pay.
My local pro sound rental place has done a few for me since I got tired of contact cement. They do a great job, right in town, and it isn't very expensive. Check for your local sound equipment rental place in the Yellow Pages.