Boston Acoustics A400's Anyone Remember?

Hi all,
I had a pair of Boston Acoustics A400's a long time ago and loved the mid's and high end sound from them. I thought they were weak in the low end and could have used another woofer. I am just getting back into audio and I see Boston Acoutics has just that now. The VS336 with the added woofer. I am considering purchasing the VS336 but I wanted to know if anyone had any other suggestions for speakers that sounded like the old A400's? Only better.
I liked the Boston Acoutics sound but I am keeping an open mind in purchasing. I see there are TONS of options out there. Budget minded of course.

I have a pair of A40's, the monitor of the A400. Recently had the foam redone. They sound just great now. The A line received many favorable comments in its day. Yes, there was something called the 'boston' sound and those speakers were the A series.
Boston Acoustics is underrated IMO. I once heard a Boston Acoustics setup that embarrassed the "higher end" system I had at the time.
I picked up a used pair of them for 160.00 for a friend about 8 years ago,,they sounded pretty good with his JVC stereo reciever,,they played very loud too!He loved them!
Hi Kclone, I am no expert on High End. I only know the clarity and (What I believe) is imaging was amazing on them compared to other speakers I have heard. I had heard a pair of high end B&W's and the B&W's were definately better but got the speakers for $500 used.
Mainly wanting to find out how the NEW Boston Acoustics VS336 sound. Hope someone here has an opinion on them.
Thanks, Terry
I replaced the woofers in my BA A60IIs maybe 8 years ago and they're still holding up fine...I use them with an old reciever as front video speakers running stereo out of a high def SONY. These speakers really sound amazing for the silly prices you can get 'em at now...I bought mine new and even back then (uh...late 80's?) they were a bargain.
My A400's can effortlessly produce wonderful liquid thunderous base but you need a really good amp to do so. I havent found anything better than my early 80's NAD 3020 receiver with these speakers. Classical, jazz, rock, CD or Vinyl it's all wonderful.

I've bought many newer and much bigger amps tried them out and took them back because they didn't sound as good as what I already have. A lot of modern equipment can't handle 4 ohm speakers well.
I had a WONDERFUL pair of A400's, which I had to sell because I moved into a smaller home. Unfortunately, they were simply too big for the space I had; I thought they did a great job with detail.....soundstage.....; their replacements were B&W 805's...which are very different speakers. If I had the room, I'd take my A400's back in a heartbeat.
This brings back my introduction to Hi-Fi; owner of Boston Acoustic A400, T-830, T-930 and T-1030. I used a Denon POA 2800, I belive a Hafler 9500 Transnova, 2x Carver TFM 45, Adcom and a Parasound 1200 II/2400.
How about the Boston Acoustics A360? Just read several fine reviews of this speaker. How does the sound of the A400 compare to the newer A series model?
During the past 2 months I rekindled the flame of enjoying true hi-fi. I had my Boston A400's refoamed (mids and woofers) for ZAR2300.They took a week or so to settle before they produced transparent and effortless sound, and they now sound fantastic. I just plugged in my Rotel RCD965BX and ran a lens cleaner a few times. My NAD3150 had all sorts of itches (it was last in operation about 15 years ago!)First I cleaned it out thoroughly with compressed air. It dropped the left channel every now and again (very annoying!) and the volume/balance pot which sounded scratchy was treated with spray on switch cleaner. The selector switches also needed the same treatment a few times before they stopped acting up. It stopped dropping the left channel when I switched from SPEAKER A to SPEAKER B setup which makes me believe that on the SPEAKER A OUT some soldering must have cracked or something. The amp now sounds excellent. I did some research on room acoustics and spent about ZAR3000 to treat the room. I bought a batch (10 panels) of semi-stiff glass fibre panels (64kg/cubic m), mounted them on softboard, covered them with hessian and placed them as bass traps and absorption panels. I treated first reflection points, 4 corners, soundstage and backwall. The room I use is almost square about 4x4)which produced horrible sound (especially boomy bass)before the treatment.The treatment made a huge difference. The room is still lively enough, bass is tight, mids are clear and the image is transparent. I am one happy dude!