Boston Acoustics A400's and Tube Gear???

I have recently purchased a pair of Boston Acoustic-s A400's. They are a very neutral sounding speaker rated 91dB efficiency at 4 ohms. My listening room is 15x15x8 with an opening to a room of similar size.

I use a vintage (late 70's) Luxman integrated (80wpc) to drive the Bostons. Most of my listening is analog using a Dual 1229 with Shure Type V-MR cartridge. My musical tastes are classical, opera, musicals, pop singers (Sinatra, etc.), some jazz and folk, rock on occasion.

Has anyone used tube or hybrid amplification with Boston A400 speakers? I am afraid tube gear would make my base nuetral system sound base deficient. Most modern tube gear does not have tone controls so that leaves equalization out. However, everything I have read about tubes suggests they present a more satisfying sonic picture with "my" type of music. Any real world advice would be appreciated.
the a400's are a very underratted speaker. they will be their best with lots of power. a tube or hybrid push pull of 75 watts per channel is fine, but a nice ss integrated with 125 or more would really open up
Are you using an L85V?. I presently own one of these and it's a killer unit, which will better a lot of what you can buy today. If you basically like the sound of the Luxman, you might try a pair of vintage Luxman MB-3045 tube amps.