Boston Acoustic VR M90

Are there any reviews out on this speaker?
I have not seen any on the web or magazines?
Can anyone give me a good apraisal of the speakers performance verse cost..

I am currently looking for a good match for my Denon 3802 reciever. I currnetly have a pair of JBL HLS410 small speakers..I want to add tower to my set-up at a ($2000 max)a possibly would be
the Boston VRM 90s. Eventualy I will add on a solid state
amp later on to get more clean power at a price max of $2000 . A possiblity amp wise
is the sherbourn A1500 from which I am told and have read
that it is great for stero music listening and HT.
I like both HT and stereo but I definaly listen to more music then movies
hands down and want the best for my money..and suggestions??
Super audio is
not fully supported yet for my taste so I will just skipp it for now..

No experience with the Boston Acoustic VRM90, but I owned the Denon 2801 and found that when it came to music reproduction, that it was a difficult receiver to match both CD players and speakers to. I had the best success with Acoustic Research (I also had tried EPOS 11; B&W 302; Optimus Pro LX 5). I used the AR 302, but I have also heard the AR 11C & 9C (both tower speakers)in a HT set-up and they were excellent with music. If interested, take a look at, where they are steeply discounted ($400 & $600 pere pair respectively).

Good luck.
Go to the 2001 Consumer Reports buying guide. They have an excellent article on these speakers. I looked and If you find them, there running about 800.00. Also look at the V95 for the money. Good Luck.