Boston Accoustic VR975, Need some input please.

I auditioned the VR975 a while back and was pretty impressed with their sound for home theater. These are power towers with an active and radiating sub. If any one has experience with these in any way, please throw out your .02 either good, bad, or ugly. Thanks, Chris.
i used these for about 4 years (sold 'em a few months back), before i was first getting in to high-end audio. they are very, very good home theater speakers, especially if running off af an a/v receiver. they are colored enough to cover up some of Dolby Digital's limitations, without obscuring too much detail. not the final word in detail or musicality, but easy to listen to. plus, you don't need an external subwoofer.

i heard them against all the popular midfi HT brands - Def Tech, Phase Tech, Klipsh, etc - and just really preferred the sound across the spectrum. coherent, easy to drive, not bad looking either.

for the money, they are really good speakers for a pretty good home theater and/or music system. especially at the prices you can find 'em now.

you can do much, much better. you can also do much, much worse. for the money, i'd recommend them to *anybody* who cares about audio in a heartbeat, especially if on a budget.
Having owned & auditioned may BA speakers over the years. When my cousin was searching to audition different speakers for which would be great for HT, Boston was mentioned for his short list. My cousin is a major Videophile 85% Video / 15% Audio, & due to lack of space internal sub was his requirement!

Two sets of ears are always better when getting ready to slam down a wad of hard earned cash for a pair of new speakers. So it didn't take too much to convince me to come along! He narrowed it down to Klipsh & Mirage, I mentioned the Bostons & now discontinued B&W 605 series 2.

Not to write War & Peace, Klipsh was eliminated asap, yet the other contenders went a few rounds.

IMO Boston has a lot to offer as far as a speaker, however their Subs are sumwhat lacking for anything other than a Digital Explosion. I have never been keen on internal subs, but then that is just my opinion.

Your music taste will have alot to do with their audio use. If your into Rap, Death Metal then they will shake the house!!!

For Jazz, or Classical they are they totally fall apart, BOOM, BOOM, MUSH, MUSH.

So are they a great HOME THEATER speaker sure, but past that point they just don't cut the mustard.

My cousin finally after 4-6 month settled on the Mirage OM-5 or OM-6, multi-directional & an internal sub.

How do they sound? In My Opinion, DAMN GOOD ALL THE WAY AROUND, yet never tell him that I said that!!! :0)~

***Good Luck***
If you were to ask me to name my top 10-15 speaker brands, I don't think Boston would make my list, but I currently own three pairs and have probably bought three more for family members. Bostons have always had a sound that I find quite agreeable, and are generally a good value. I currently have the 960's, similar to what you're looking at but with one less midrange, a smaller woofer, and a different tweeter/mid configuration. I use 'em mostly for music, or for concert DVDs, and really like their clarity and imaging. I power mine with an Adcom amp,but never run 'em past medium high. I listen mainly to blues, jazz, folk, and bluegrass, and am quite contented with their performance. You can find better speakers, but I don't think you'd be disappointed with the 975's.