Bosendoefer speakers

Has anyone heard the Bosendoefer speakers ? They look real tall, dark and handsome.
I have talked to a fellow AudiogoNer who heard them in New York where they showed them in a room with a person playing a piano to show how well they reproduced live music. No mean feat!
I also saw/hear then in at the New York show. The room was kind of noisy, so hard to judge. They did sound good under the circumstances. They are very stylish too.

Yeah, the live music was an interesting touch. I almost bought the piano....
Beautiful finish, nice sound, unfriendly pricing (expensive). Very rich sounding, as in harmonics... I heard them with A-Note electronics (quite good) a class A SS (better). Unusual design.
Speaking of the piano...for those that don't know, Bosendoefer is a piano maker. They are as highly though of as Steinway in that department...
Unusual thing about Bosendoerfer pianos is that they have extra bass note extension, at least on some of their models. Do their speakers claim to have that kind of bass extension as well?
I also heard the speakers in NYC. I felt them to be quite special in the midrange and treble. Remarkable, in fact. However, when the notes would drift into the low frequencies, I felt the sound became quite congested and wooly. It needs to be pointed out that the three times I heard them over the two days, the music was always piano based, and it is difficult to judge any component on such a limited scope of music.

And, Russ, I have always heard that the Bosendorfer is a he man's piano.
Hey Gang.I must admit I find it rather intriguing that Bosendorfer... as a company would even entertain the idea of manufacturing an audio loudspeaker, high end or otherwise.The name itself is synonymous with the finest of musical instruments. FYI...Most any pre 1960's Bosendorfer concert grand's would cost you far more than any comparable Steinway concert grand D providing it's in tuneable condition. The pre first world war Imperial concert Grand's are worth substantially more again. For the historian's among us....The Bosendorfer concert grand dates back to the early 1800's. By the middle of the 19th century[around 1850] many of the worlds elite classical composers and musicians alike had purchased Bowendorfer pianos. Frantz Litz, Johann Straus, Rubenstein to name a few had purchased Bosendorfer concert grands for their personal use.A decade after the turn of the 20th century and paricularly in the roaring 20's,The company won more prestigeous awards worldwide for their Imperial concert grand. The Imperial could cover a full "8 octaves".Interesting though: their only real competetion prior to the 2nd world war was Steinway and by the mid 1920's[?????] the German based Steinway moved their piano manufacturing operation to New York City as most of their buyers were affluent Americans.After the passing of Johanne Bosendorfer in 1919[the son of the inventor]It was the Steinway piano company that captured the market in North America and the Bosendorfer piano corporation was acquired by Kimball USA piano company in the mid 1960's. really makes one wonder about the origin of the Bosendorfer loudspeaker.
at the new york show they sounded nice, but certainly no better than lots of speakers which cost considerably less. other than a fine piano caliber build, they seemed to be yet another run-of-the-mill megabuck loudspeaker. who in god's name talked the management of this 'beyond reproach' piano company into doing such a dumb-ass thing. what next, a steinway car stereo? maybe a bosendorfer cafe in nyc next to the harley.
maybe a bosendorfer cafe in nyc next to the harley
Hey, now that's an idea:)
How bout we have A big Bosendorfer (the piano of course) for live jazz sessions too?
Good one Jaybo