Bose Sattelite VS. B&W LM1's

Do you guy think the B&W Lm1's will sound two times better than the bose sattelites (double cube)?

If so, by how much?

I currently have 2 bose sattelites cube as my rear surround. I'm thinking about getting the LM1's. They will cost me $200+. Is it worth it? Should I buy them or just stick with my bose?
I have the LM-1's and they are incredible! I was playing a DVD surround sound music disc and sitting near the LM-1's--their resolution, detail and musicality were the equal of the front speakers, ATC SCM-12 monitors. Very dynamic and detailed without being bright. My friend has the Bose cubes in her surround sound system and there is just no comparison. There is no life in the Bose, just sound. Find the LM-1's used and you will have a great deal. Some people use them with excellent results as their main speakers in a small room or second system.
Sc53 above: > Agree wholeheartedly with the excellent results.
I know one of these people (main speakers, small system) and enjoy the sound immensely!