Bose question

I’m looking to expand my home theater by adding 4 atmos speakers. I was looking for a cheap solution as I don’t think these channels need to be up to par with the rest of the speakers. 
Would it be possible to add Bose acoustimass cubes to my conventional AVR? 
If this isn’t possible or advisable, what would be a good alternative ? I’m looking for something small and decent looking, will be in my living room. 
System consists of Vienna acoustics speakers, Rel, and NAD T778 AVR. 
Actually it would be possible to watch movies with just two speakers.
Why do people insist on surrounds anyway? Better none than Bose.
Is that the audiophile way to do home theater? Are there any disadvantages to multichannel approach? 
Not gonna find many Bose fans here.  Maybe go to Orb Audio where you can get a pair of their balls for $259 that’d look and sound much better.  Best of luck. 
I have two 5.1 systems in my home, and I don't do Atmos.  From what I have read Atmos speakers have their drivers angled in a different manner than conventional speakers, as they are trying to bounce sound around ceilings and walls and are assumed to be originating from a ceiling, so any conventional speakers, Bose or not, may not work as intended.
   Bose prejudices aside, I think if possible it helps to have the same speaker manufacture for surround sound, as most Speaker manufacturers have a 'house" sound.  Our living room system sounded great but my wife objected to ur Living Room looking like an AV emporium.  Out went the floor standers, the rears that had been on stands become the fronts were placed on new built ins, and the new rears became in walls.  Since the speaker manufacturer for the fronts and center didn't make in walls, I had to go with a different manufacturer, and it's fine with video but when I listen to music I can really note the discontinuity.  My basement 
5.1 system are all the same manufacturer and I much prefer listening to surround sound music there.
In the OP situation, what does Vienna Acoustics manufacture in terms of rears and Atmos?
I figured atmos speakers will rarely be used and only with atmos encoded films, as such not a significant distortion of Vienna "house sound".  Sonance makes some 6" ceiling speakers, they're on sale at Best Buy right now for $150. Is that a good idea? 
My feeling is no, for the reasons expressed above.  The discontinuity in timbre can be jarring.
I don't know about atmos speakers, but I have found that the surrounds don't necessarily need to be "exact" voicing as the fronts.  They need to be close in sound, but if you have go with a different manufacturer it is not that bad.

The front 3 speakers absolutely need to be exact same voicing and manufacturer.  Otherwise, the discontinuity is easily noticed and will distract from the involvement of the film.
Wire  them up and see .Wiring them up is the big job so once youve done that its up to trial and error as to what speakers sound best.Im not a Bose fan but dont see the issue with placing them there to test their suitability.If you dont like them its just a matter of finding something more suitable.
VA makes the InWaltz in-wall speaker for surrounds. I have 4 of those plus Mahlers L,R and Maestro C. I ended up going with SonusFaber Palladio5 for the height speakers in the ceiling (couldn't fit InWaltz up there).

Latest Star Wars movies streaming on Disney+ make great use of Atmos setups, IMO.