Bose makes more than speakers...

I got a newspaper clipping which says that Bose makes more than speakers. They included a list (I don't know if it's everything Bose makes). I thought it was interesting, so I decided that I'd post it.

1. Military jet alternators
2. Nuclear generator control systems.
3. Space shuttle's audio system.
4. Noise-reducing crewman helmet for tank drivers.

They have also experimented with cold fusion.
I collect belly button lint... no one cares about that either ;)
Jc, they could get away with making the sound system for the space shuttle as nobody can hear it due to all of the noise : )

Since the noise is so bad, they use one of their noise reduction helmets, so you can hear even less : )

The sound system is fed through their Nuclear generator control system, which is operating the Bose alternators. The only way that they can sell the control panels and alternators is because nobody knows that they don't work because they've never turned them on because they can't hear the system over all of the noise wearing their noise cancelling helmets : )

Sheesh, what a well calculated scam : )

Tim, who's BB lint have you collected other than your own ??? Please list famous people only : ) I collect toenail clippings. I've got quite a list of celebrities toenails, that is, if you count dead people : ) Sean
Bose has won more "business" awards than virtually any other consumer audio manufacturer.

Is it for their products? NO!

Is it for their research? NO!

Is it for their innovation? NO!

The business accolades that Bose recieves are for marketing and for profitabilty! Welcome to the American benchmark of what is considered a "great company".
Evertime I hear the word "Bose", I turn my back to the wall. To get the right perspective on things. Bose makes real speakers? Go figure.
Sometimes I buy lumber that have real and pronounced bose in them. Can't seem to find the name plate though.
Just goes to show us experts that the majority of people are listening to the music - I admit mostly in the background or car - than to the stuff producing it.
Buying a Bose system is like paying $30,000 for a Yugo with 300,000 miles on it.
Now now Gunbei........
My aunt has one of those CD thingies in her kitchen.
She loves the recordings I made her of her old Vinyl.
For a radio...a RADIO guys!!! Table sized RADIO. Did I mention that it is a radio?
It is better than anything its size for the kitchen.

You wont find any Bose in my system, but as far as table radios go, the Kloss was a nice one...but I would have no problem suggesting the Bose.
Certainly better than any other thing you can get in its size class.
Kind of like the old Proton Clock radios. Great Sound, for a radio.
(But I gat this sulphur taste in my mouth when I say the word.) :>)
Phuuleeez, this is a HiFi website, discussion about Bose aint gots no place here. Sheesh!
My posting seems to have generated some...unhappy comments. I presented this clipping less for the hi-fi value and more for general education and entertainment.

I hasten to say that I do not like Bose, myself. In fact, I'd buy a product from Bose shortly after adapting 8 Track as my primary format. I probably should have mentioned this in the original post--but I decided that I wanted to avoid any Bose bashing, since it is too easy. (Which meant leaving out the comment that if a nuclear plant with Bose controls melts down, it will do so with strong bass power.)

However, for some strange reason, I found that clipping interesting, although I can't really say why. One thought is that given that they are making what I imagine to complicated products, I have to wonder _why_ they aren't making better speakers. (In design, listening is critical--but so is engineering.) The why they aren't might have to do with lack of interest, I guess.

As for this post not being right for a hi-fi site, so are many other postings, such as "Best Beer" and "What Type of Car Do You Drive?" And, it may be worth paying a _little_ attention to Bose, simply because it is what most people consider quality audio.
Jc, i think that all of those comments were made in jest. Personally, i did not know that Bose was involved in those other areas. As such, it was enlightening to find that out. Sean
Jc- Like sean said we are screwballs here, and nothing goes with out a laugh or an attempt at a laugh. Anything that involves bose is going to spawn countless jokes, just get used to it and enjoy, its ment to be fun :)
I know that Bose jokes a dime a dozen--I've made my fair share, and I liked some of the jokes above. I just wanted to clarify myself, so that people wouldn't consider me a total idiot. (I may be a bit sensitive, since I usually end up buying equipment that isn't fashionable....)
Somewhat off topic, but I'm just curious. Do the owner/drivers of those $60,000+ German driving machines look down upon U.S. domestic cars with the same sneering intensity as audiophiles look down upon Bose products?
From that clipping, I now know why the Defense Dept has the need for a billion dollar budget. Think about it, Bose think tank gets put together to find out whose more gullible than the American public. Then 1 person reads aloud the article about the $600 dollar Defense Dept toilet seats a little while back, and marketing eyes light up as they realize they are set for life. Build and sell to the Defense Dept! Gotta tell you though, the noise canceling headphones work, just used a friend of mine's, incredible difference.
Hey Onhwy61,

Darn rite! I don't even own a euro car and I still look down on American made cars the way I look down at Bose.......John
John, the funny ( or is it sad ??? ) thing about the scenario that you brought up is that it is probably all true !!! Sean
I drive an 86' Jetta diesel and I still look down on American cars that way. (okay I'll stop talking about my diesel now guys, sorry)
Neu, Neu, Neu......You and Otto, friends forever.
(Me too)
I look down on ALL cars from the high seat of my 3/4 ton van....towing my heavy-ass American powered boat.
BMW's make funny clanging noises as they bounce off :>)
Jettas just sound like crackers being crushed for clam chowda'. :>)
- LOL!
funny thread

true story

the company I sold hi end audio for in college had the bose line. Many people would call up looking for Bose, and I would suggest that they bring in music they were familiar with and I would demo the bose and another even more impressive speaker. After a short conversation on their equipment, room size, type of music, I would choose an appropriate speaker. I could take virtually any two way speaker in the store, do an a/b comparison with the 901's and sell them a pair of the other speaker. I never bad-mouthed Bose, I merely let them hear the difference themselves, and they would rave to their friends about this speaker that was even more revealing than the Bose. Our store NEVER SOLD ANY BOSE all the time it existed, but their marketing was so good, it drew people from miles away.
I would be conservative in saying that 20% of my speaker clients were those shopping for Bose, so thanks ...

never understood the concept of a Bose 901 speaker
1 mushy driver up front and 8 mushy drivers reflected off the back - sounds like a great way to get pinpoint imaging

if they do that with the military
we would have a plane that shoots heat seeking missles that take an orbit around the earth then find their target ;-)

oh well

Bose makes quite nice noise cancelling headsets for use by pilots or anyone else needing reliable voice communications in noisy environments. Their big competitor is David Clark. Both are horribly overpriced, as are most aviation manufacturers.
Hey ONH if we could equate the Bose sound to a car , you would arrive at Vega + Chevet + Gremlin. So why not sneer with a good laugh at the wierd sound "The Thing" makes. Most Bose owners are over 70 and listen to their Lawrance Welk at a soft volume, that's all Bose is good for...barely even that!
Onhwy61, Funny thing about thoes $60K german car owners is-Yes they look down on American cars and most Japanese cars, but they Love the bose sound systems in their cars, most being not audiophiles. Hence the bose sound system packaged in MBs, BMWs and Porsches. Me I took one listen in a bose equipped Boxster and went for DSP (non-bose) system in mine. I also later auditioned a 911. The 911 Bose is even more horrible. I was disgusted w/ the quality of sound in $90K car. I left the dealer even without saying thank you.
Nilthepil - Rude doesn't get anything accomplished - How can dealers know what to tell manufacturers if you leave rude and not explain what the car needs to appeal to another percentage of the population no matter how small. They put these systems in because we let them.
I agree Ljgj. I felt bad. I am not like that usually. But here is more to the story. Jamey at Paris Audio in LA sent me to the dealer to listen the compact subwoofer (bose) 911 had near center pod that was my requirement. While setting up the appointment Jamey left the speakerphone on and the dealer (apparently friends with Jamey) blurted out ' No broblem send him in, We won't tell him how bad it sounds" How is that for deception?
I know how to put Bose to the test. All you have to do is wear their noise cancelling pilots heaphones while playing music through their speakers. - If you can't hear anything then you know all assumptions are correct - their speakers really do suck and their noise cancelling technology is really something special. If we are lucky maybe the cancellation effects will cause a slight tremor and Bose will cancel itself entirely out of existence. Thay way we can all rejoice and finally relax, never having to worry that we may be invited to our boss's house for dinner, or our girlfriends' or wives parents', who just bought a new 'hi-end' system that they want to show us because they know we are into audio. (this has happened to me - I just nodded and smiled). We can only hope...
BTW NEU: MY big van has a wave radio in it through an inverter :>P
For whatever reason or reasons Bose is a successful company. Now let us all get over it.
Tibina, your right, Bose is successful. But so is walmart and all they sell is cheap plastic crap.
too long already.

How the heck is a tiny radio sound like a big stereo system like Bose always advertises? Bose must have invented some kind of woofer that can handle all frequency range right? One woofer plays all, give me a break! Are we (the public) that dumb? What the hell, why would we need a crossover for speakers if Bose has just invented a "special" tweeter that can play high and low? Boyoboy isn't that something!!!!

And what the heck are with those lifestyle systems? The bass is way too boomy. There are no clamping materials inside speakers. Bose speakers are made mostly of plastic, and they are as light as a feather. Again, have Bose just invented another the way of preventing resonance for speakers? Somebody should give Bose another innovation award, shouldn't they? Give me a break!!!!!

Sadly, Bose is still deceiving the public. Who says life is fair?