Bose Bashers Read This !

Listed below is actual ad copy from a Bose advertisment found in a magazine. Get your barf bag out and read what this company who calls themselves " the most respected name in sound" is saying. Your comments as to truth in advertising are invited. HAVE AT IT GUYS. BETTER SOUND THROUGH RESEARCH Whats in a name? A name is much more than a word, because behind every name is a message. Edison. Curie. Monet. Gershwin. At Bose, we've worked almost 40 years to earn a legacy of pride, commitment to research and passion for excellence. To invent breakthrough technologies that turn yesterday's fiction into today's reality. And to become the most respected name in sound. In one sense a name is merly a name. But everything it stands for is what matters. REPUTATION !
Hey! I was just about to eat. Now it will be days. THANKS BOSE. more vomit inducing through research
I was offered a job at Bose.When i went for my medical i was refused because i passed the hearing test.
Say what you will about Bose products but the bottom line is that they have been extraodinarily successful at marketing if not ultimately offering the best value or less than stellar performance at their price point. I suspect more of their research is spent on marketing user friendly products (attractive to woman, as well ) rather than product development for ultimate performance. That isn't to say they can't do it, i'm sure they could if they wanted. "You can fool some of the people most of the time and that's all it takes baby".
Well spoken,Mr.Tubie.The hifi marketplace is harsh.I'm sure many great Mfgs.have gone under,not because of their prod.Show me the list of co.'s still doing bus.,on their own,for 40 years.And,lets compare gnp's,as well.So we can bash; while they bank.
I can sympathize with all the hostility towards this company. But I can't say that we, whoever that is, are that much wiser or more enlightened for spending a cool $15,000 for speaker cables.
Wow, didn't know that Bose resentment(bashing?) in the audiophile world was so strong. Tomorrow is my first day of work at Bose. I'll be working in the OEM car audio products div. As an audiophile, I, for one, will strive to make their products sound great. Any thought on their premier car audio systems.
Yes Harvardian, why does Bose think that sticking the front speaker more than one inch above the finish level of the instrument panel in the new Volvo is attractive? I know it lends identity to those who want to be recognized as purchasing a "premium" automobile sound system, but it was one of the reasons I did not buy a new Volvo this time. I had previously purchased four in a row before this round. Thanks Blose for your wonderful overdone esthetics (marketing) design to go along with the overdone (marketing) sound.
Bose in general: While some might respect their long-term success, as an avid fan of music and it's proper reproduction it is impossible for me to respect their products and sleazy sales tactics. My guess is the majority of their "research" is of the marketing variety. Car stereo: OEM or aftermarket? My experience has been that the wise money for car audio is spent in the aftermarket. OEM systems are usually pretty poor regardless of their "marquis" (i.e., de Sade) name. Maybe Harvardian can effect some positive change...