bose acoustimass 10

I can get the "Bose Acoustimass 10" system for free with airmiles. Even at no cost I am hesitant because of what I'm reading on the forums. It would be used with a projector for movies in a room 12' x 18' with a 9' ceiling. I have a Denon AVR 1403 receiver. Any advice? thanks
If you can get it for free, then you have nothing to lose.

Bose gets knocked a bit in the forums for the fact that for the amount of money that it costs for their system, you could shop here and get something better and might even save some money. For the normal person that doesnt want a lot of equipment, or tons of wires hanging around, but wants a decent setup, then they look at a Bose.

Also people tend to stick to a company that they are familiar with unaware that there are other choices that are available , and that is what AudioGon offers .
See if you could listen to it at one of those box stores.If your like me,you probably spend a lot of money there anyhow.Even this computer I'm on. Hopefully you could turn it up to the volume that you would listen to it at home to get a better idea.
I have a high end HT system (Sony FP, Krell amplifiers and B&W Nautilus speakers) and a modest plasma TV system with the Acoustimass 10 system. No, the two systems are not comparable. But, for the money the Bose system is just fine to watch movies on.
get cash for your miles usually 250dollars for evey 25,000 miles in 25,000 mile increments and you can find products much cheaper than the airlines list them for miles.
A friend of mine is an engineer at Bose. They pay engineers very well.

The system 10 costs $138 including the box it's shipped in. He says it sounds incredible for that.

Get the Bose for free and sell it. Use the money to get something good.
I have an Acustamas 10 in a small sun room that is a challenge for surround sound in many ways (long and narrow, 4 sets of triple windows and outside walls). They do create surround effects and make movies more entertaining. The bass module is well intergrated into the system. Beware of the demonstrations at the Bose store. What you are listening to is many thousands of dollars worth of acustic engineering.
The speakers are tiny, cheap drivers that cannot possibly produce HiFi sound. If size of speakers is not a great issue, you might do better with PSB Alpha B-1/s and their sub for about the same or less money, and use your miles for something else. IMHO
Interesting revelation Duane. It is lucky that I managed to sell the AM-10 at more than 50% loss after 3 years of use and still get more than $138 for it, I think. That was about 7-8 years ago. Agreed with previous posters that you can get more for the money elsewhere. I would go with Ras422's suggestion.
i concur with the get 'em and sell 'em consensus. they really do sound like shit, but anything with the bose impriminatur commands a huge premium on ebay and craigslist--reap your shekels and buy yourself something nice.
Blose Acoustimess? For free; the price is right! As stated; get 'em, sell 'em, and get something that sounds real.