Bose 901 series VI & Yamaha A-S2000

I'm a jazz mania who is interested in purchasing new audio system in a couple of months.

Currently, I'm considering Bose 901 (series VI) speakers & Yamaha A-S2000 integrated amp but not sure if the Yamaha amp will be a good match for the Bose speakers.
Also, I heard that Creek 5350SE will be a good one.
Can anyone recommend any good integrated amp (under $2,000) that can match well with the Bose speakers?

Or I would be glad if anyone can recommend good system (amp + speakers) for listening to jazz. My budget is limited to $3,500. Since I use my PC & a DAC (NuForce uDAC-2) to play 24/96 FLAC files, I don't think I need to buy a CD player for now. (I might need to buy a better DAC though.)

Thanks in advance.
almarg is unquestionably the smartest person on these forums. possibly in the world. therefore, you should follow his counsel.
01-07-12: Loomisjohnson
"almarg is unquestionably the smartest person on these forums. possibly in the world. therefore, you should follow his counsel."

Sometimes I just scan down the thread to almarg's post to get the answer.
I have extensive experience with the Bose 901s originals (now called series I) and experience with the Super Bose configuration and even the big Bose 1801 power amp. Bose can project a nice wide sound stage but it is a totally artificial concoction and only works with certain recordings. In most cases the sound is spread too wide and singers sound like they are 12 feet wide. Add the lack of full frequency response and the result is not even approaching anything near hi-fi.
If you like a wide sound stage and good 3D imaging without the loss of pinpoint location, a panel speaker will get you way more satisfaction. On your budget an Onkyo 9555 and a pair of Magnepans would work. If you must use Bose 901s the Onkyo is still a good choice. Happy hunting.
sebrof and loomis, too funny guys! and i agree. whenever an initial thread has me looking for more information, i first look for a reply by Al. his answers are most certainly all i need to know. incredible time saver as well.

cheers to Al.
For $3500 for amp & speakers there are so many great ways to split up the pie. For example, if you like "stereo everywhere" in a more realistic soundfield, you could get a pair of Mirage OMD-15s from for $1K (closeout down from $2500) plus a Rogue Cronus Magnum tube integrated amp ($2195). Or a pair of GoldenEar Triton 2's plus any decent integrated amp at $1K or less and you'd have a true full-range system. Or Magnepan 1.7s plus an Anthem 225 or the $1500 integrated amp of your choice.

You could also get a pair of Ohm Micro Tall speakers and an Anthem or Rogue Cronus Magnum integrated amp.