Bose 901's with "highend ancillaries"??

I STILL see Bose 901's are available here and maybe new after umpteen years in existence and yet I have still never hear a pair (unless you count the occasional high school concert which used the professional version).

Has anyone ever used these with "highend" gear, and if so what was the result??

Just curious if there is actually something good about the speaker other than the marketing the Bose Corporation has done over the years as they have never been inexpensive and even now hold their value pretty well.

And while I ma sure one can do better for the $$$ etc etc I am only looking for comments on how they actually SOUND - strengths and weaknesses
I heard that Bose is working on new speakers to replace their 901's.
there's this repair center in los angeles california called 'sollutions'! they've been in the business since the 70's! they told me that many of their customers say that the series 1 and 2 are the best sounding 901's!!
With the right gear and the right tweaks these 901’s really sing ?
I hope this don't start a war on this forum...
Watching this youtube video, my one thought is : his placement of his 5 901's is atrocious. Yet, he feels it sound great. I would not think so, based on my experience, with the many pair I installed.