Bose 901's with "highend ancillaries"??

I STILL see Bose 901's are available here and maybe new after umpteen years in existence and yet I have still never hear a pair (unless you count the occasional high school concert which used the professional version).

Has anyone ever used these with "highend" gear, and if so what was the result??

Just curious if there is actually something good about the speaker other than the marketing the Bose Corporation has done over the years as they have never been inexpensive and even now hold their value pretty well.

And while I ma sure one can do better for the $$$ etc etc I am only looking for comments on how they actually SOUND - strengths and weaknesses
901's are the perfect club speaker. You can run a ridiculous amount of current through them before they break up. We would run 1 Bryston 4B per speaker (usually 6-8 per venue) for ear drum shattering spl's. They would handle mids and uppers well but required sub support in most clubs.
I have heard them many times in a home system and it just doesn't compete with what is available.
Also note if you are looking for a pair you must have the equalizer. Seen many for sale without one. Also the equalizes for the different series are not comparable across all the different series if 901s produced.over the years.
Bose 901 series 1 and 2 equalizers are comparable, series 3 and are comparable with each other, and series 5 and 6 are compatible. Do some research on this, it's very interesting. And as mentioned above a good powerful amp goes a long way to improve their sound.
I agree with the review by Jeff Dorgay. I also agree with the statement by Schubert. I sold them, I have installed many a pair of 901s throughout the years, and, I have owned them. I always suspended them from the ceiling (taking them to another level, imo). Always in a nice sized room, with solid floor, and, wall construction, especially the reflective wall behind them. How many speakers can you connect to a 120 V wall outlet, and still work and sound fine after. This was a common thing we did, as per Bose, to show the indestructibility of them. They were always paired with high end equipment at the time, such as Mac, Crown, Marantz, AR, Citation, Dynaco, SAE, CM Labs, etc. My favorite amp/pre combo was an Ampzilla, with an SP6. Anyone who never heard a pair, "properly set up", would be very surprised.