Bose 901's in an acoustically treated room?

Curious - has anyone tried the 901's in an acoustically treated room?  If so, your thoughts?

I've thought about trying out my 901's in my music room, but since it's got a bunch of GIK acoustic treatment throughout, I've never done it.  I think the Bose needs a more reflective set of walls behind and to the sides.  

But I think I'm going to give it a try soon and just wanted to see if anyone else has done the same (and are willing to admit to it publicly). 



Good luck on that one.

BOSE has never lived down its reputation, and its well-travelled parody limerick: 

”No highs, no lows,…it must be BOSE”.

If you have Series I or II, worth a try. Any of the other series are not very good or worth any effort. 

i have 4 bose 901 seies 2 hanging from my ceiling! i have a mcintosh mc602 powering them. i'm not an audiofile but to me they sound dam good at a high listening level!!

I think properly set up the Bose spealers can sound rather nice.  As good as higher end speakers?  Possibly.

I was curious to see if anyone plopped down a pair of 901's in an acoustically treated room as the majority of their sound is aimed at the front (behind the speakers) wall.

I've got a bunch of gear in my listening room right now so maybe sometime this weekend I'll move stuff around to see how they sound.  My corner treatment will have to stay but I can remove the 244's centered on the front wall if needed.  And also the 244's in the first reflection point.