Bose 901 low serial number set (3 digit) with "patent pending" sticker

I have inherited a pair of Bose 901's that were just removed from the first time since they were installed (early 70's?)
We have tested them out and they work, but I am having a hard time trying to get a year and possible value.

The serial numbers are LOW. (#499, #452) and the sticker is typed and says "Bose Model 901 Loudspeaker Pat. #3,038,964 Pat. Pending"

Anyone have any idea where I can get info?
You need to remove the grills and look at the surrounds or edges of all the round speakers for rot or they even could be missing. If so, all the speakers need to be "re-foamed" in order to be used. If you don’t want to tackle that, they would be part units and not worth much. Also for these to work correctly, they need the equalizer that came with them when new.
The nine drivers in each speaker may have foam surrounds that tend to rot away with age. Take a look! Regarding the Bose equalizer to boost bass frequencies - throw it away! All it does is add distortion by over-driving those 4 - inch cones! Use a pair of subs crossed over at 60hz.
The original drivers in the first two versions of the 901 used cloth surrounds.

"...The original drivers in the first two versions of the 901 used cloth surrounds..."

That is correct and the Series I is the best of the bunch. Not sure about any collector value. Did you get the correct EQ? 
I looked up through the attic door and saw one of my wife's original series 901s. Still looks new. When the guy demoed them for her he actually plugged the speaker cable into an AC outlet for a minute, to show how TOUGH they were. No she didn't buy the one they plugged in. LOL

I'm sure they sound the same way they did 37 years ago when I put them up their.. Cloth surrounds.. and they are HEAVY.. Still have the original stands too, somewhere.. The EQ is JUNK.  2 Hung HIGH and 2 stand mounts with super tweets and subs.. Pretty good for the time and a GIRL..

She use to complain about greasing the stupid bearing on her Garrard, it DRIPPED into a catch can it was her Dads.... LOL

Yesterday she moved the speaker in the front room AGAIN.. YUP he will move a speaker.. BUT she tapes first to move it back.. Hers, Mine TAPE. LOL

you can get a mini dsp(precurved for the bose speakers) that can replace the Bose original eq for $189.00us that can help old ones sound good again,and it will have enough outputs to add a sub with the one cable

makes my series IV ones sing,that and 400 watts rms per channel

a huge sound stage for a small size speaker