Bose 901 equalizer.

Will my Bose 901 equqlizer damage my other Bose speakers? Can i just use my Technics 7 band equalizer and set it accordingly? It's +-12 db from 63 Hz 20 12.5kHz. Thanks in advance.




Bose equalizers are really meant to match the various versions of the 901 loudspeaker. Yes, the bass boost is extreme and can easily overdrive other loudspeakers. A quick word about using an equalizer. If your loudspeaker is seriously deficient at a particular frequency boosting that frequency large amounts can cause damage. It's best to think about equalizers as limiters rather than boosters. Trim the other frequencies until you get the curve you are trying to achieve. 

Those speakers are designed for that kind of boost. It may sound kinda wonky if the eq curves don't match up, but it won't hurt to try.