Bose 1801

I turned my volume down on my Amp and went to town, came back to my left channel needle pegged and now has no sound, Any help to what happened would be greatly appreciated
I have no clue but that's an old amp. I was at the debut of that amp at the LA show, man that was a long time ago...damn, I'm old.. 
i live in Ny between Binghamton and Utica, I will take it to Ohm electronics in Ithaca, they are updating my 4401 preamp now
Definitely needs some service, DO NOT run it! That amp is pretty darn good, don't let anyone tell you to dump it. My guess is the repair is not going to be cheap, but say less than $400, get it fixed. If you want to sell it, please contact me. 
PS. Find a good repair shop! One that has experience repairing THAT amp in particular. Good luck!