Borresen X3


For those who have had the opportunity to hear and or own the X3 I am very interested in your impressions/opinions. 

Thank you.

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Thank you, hilde45 

I am also courious how the X3 might compare to the Raidho C 2.1

I listened to them and did enjoy, but felt they might be a bit deep for my room at nearly 24”, IIRC.  I was trying to avoid the made in China notion, so glad I didn’t get too tempted. I listened back to back with Focal Kanta 2, and could have lived with either…. X3 bass was noticeably tighter.  

I listened for about a 1/2 hour on Friday opening day of Axpona then again on Sunday to determine if any speaker break in occurred. My limited impression is a very intense presentation that spotlights the tweeter. At $11k I would desire a more natural presentation that the $6500 Audiovector QR 7 accomplished. FWIW Audiovector had top level Cardas speaker cables that might have cost more then the QR 7.

I heard them Saturday and thought they sounded very nice but maybe tilted a bit to the upper frequencies. Went back on the last day and and again heard the same thing. Although musical don't think I could live with them for the long term. Maybe with a different amp they might work better. 

The only thing that disturbs me about these speakers is in truthupper 30s 

and with these small 5 inch drivers the bass is tunefull but lacks

the impact of even say the 7 inch drivers in the Marten Oscar trio 

with the down firing bass which is not only more impactful but better balanced .

the ribbon is very good they are both in a similar  price range .