Border Patrol Power Supplies

Does anyone have any experience here with Border Patrol tubed power supplies? I recently realized the company had relocated from the UK to Maryland so not far from me here in DC. From reviews I've seen and feedback on their site people seem to love their power supplies, have any members here used them? Would love some feedback as I'm seriously considering buying one. Thanks!
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Gary Dewes, the owner, is very approachable and will do in-home auditions. And Border Patrol typically exhibits at Capitol Audio Fest. 
Thanks for the reply gsm and I did reach out to Gary and waiting to hear back, thought I would gather feedback in the meantime.
hello jond , it 's a really upgrade using the borderpatrol , I'm using one
with my modified ARC PH5 phono , only  the high voltage input is used .
You have to convert the output of the borderpatrol to match the HV input
of the amp. you like to use .

I own his S-10 amp. with the larger EXS power supplies and owned the smaller ones first. If you would like to know more directly on the sound shoot me an email at

In the end however, power supplies are the main string component in most electronics.