Border Patrol DAC - difference in models

I’m having a heck of a time trying to figure out what the differences are between the S, SE and SEi models of the Border Patrol DAC. It’s not at all clear from their own website or the many (many!) reviews I’ve read.

I understand the SE model to feature a "novel BorderPatrol twin transformer power supply system, ELNA Cerafine power supply capacitor and film and foil signal coupling capacitors." Ostensibly, this sets the S model apart from the SE.

But what is the difference between the SE and the SEi? Any help is appreciated.
I'm not sure, but I would email or call Gary and ask him if I were you.  He's very responsive to emails and answers the phone if you call.  He's a really nice guy and extremely helpful and will answer any questions you have.  I have an SE and love it.
For anyone else who might be looking for an answer to this question, here is Gary Dews' reply:

"SE DAC's had Uptone Audio polypropylene film and foil output capacitors. New SE-i DAC's have Jupiter cryo beeswax capacitors.

The Jupiter gives a richer, more organic, less hi-fi sound. The capacitance is also higher which lowers the output impedance."