bookshelves speakers for nad 3020

Suggestions for bookshelf speakers,new or used for a nad 3020 amp for around $500.
Dali Zensor 1
Hard to go wrong with PSB Image series or Linn Katans (or Kans or Tukans) used at that price point. You might be able to get some PSBs new at that price.

At that price, sometimes it's best to just see what you can find in the classifieds and take a chance.
I hooked up Reynaud Trentes to my 3020 once and was amazed at the sound quality. You could try to find some Reynaud Twins.

Otherwise consider the Pioneer SP-BS22-LR for about $150 new!

why pay more when this is supposed to be so good?

my two cents...
PSB's new for $300. I've set up several friends and family members with them. Pretty amazing for the price.

**dealer disclaimer**

John421, what are you currently using, and what do you like and dislike about them?

There are so many choices in that price range with different strengths and weaknesses.
My bedroom system features a beautiful pair of B&W DM 601 S3's driven by a vintage NAD 3240 PE integrated amplifier. As my wife says ..... "this sounds so good up here, .... why do you always go downstairs to listen to your big system ?....."
Audience One, KEF LS50, Magnapan Mini. All are very new and have cutting edge designs.

Read some reviews for each one of these.
Currently uses paradigm compact monitors. The sound is good,but was seeing if I could find more detail. Would single drivers be a good match and how does the sound differ than traditional speakers.also have read good things about focal and rega speakers.
i had a nad 7020 (the receiver version of the 3020) for a long time and always thought they sounded best with speakers of the same era--ads, polk, dynaco--which were designed to run with lower-powered amps and had a nice synergy.