Bookshelves for McIntosh ma6300 Integrated?

Taking the plunge and buying a McIntosh before the retail goes up. Have a good deal for 2,500k new. Want to bundle some bookshelves for further negotiations. Can you recommend the best pairing of my new 6300 with the following brands: Definitive Audio, Monitor Audio, Vienna Accoustic, Sonus Faber. 2k is my max for the bookshelves.

Thanks ahead of time.
the mac will sound fine with all mentioned.
I like the VA or SF for this match. In general they are smooth and warm-ish speakers (not saying the others are not as I have not heard them) and this Mac can get a little lean in the wrong system.
If you dont mind me asking where are they giving you that great deal? I live in the los angeles area. I know one store that has it on sale for $2850 Magnolia AV. I too am thinking about getting the 6300 integrated before the price increase. Im also thinking about a Nad 315bee and peachtree audio decco since the price for me of the Mac is pretty high. I know I would keep the 6300 forever though so that is an incentive.
M AV should come down. They bottomed out at 2575. Promised to bundle a better deal as well.
Which one did you go to? Why do they never have any in stock, just in their warehouse? I guess Im a baby about it but if Im gonna pay that much it would be nice to take it home and not have to make an extra trip to the store.
VA in Rosewood are matched with Musical Fidelity A308 power amp in my HT. Sounds is incredible with lots of detail.
Holla, have them send the model that you want to your local store. Should not be a problem.
I have been very impressed with the MA6300. Both times I heard it, I thought it sounded incredible for the money.

I would recommend B&W 805S if you like a tight, fast, detailed sound.

If you prefer a big, rich, powerful sound, then look at some Dynaudio Contour S1.4.

Magnolia is also selling open box mcd201 for 2k.
Fantastic price. Guess they are. Making room for new models.
I suggest you look at the Quad 12L mini monitors. I own a pair and they are excellent. The price is $1,100. I am using the Ayre AX-7e Integrated amp with these speakers. please see

thanks for the heads up. which Magnolia is selling the open box mcd201? Today is the last day before the price increase.
I have a MAC 6300 and had a pair of SALK SONG TOWERS
made for me...............I know you are looking at
bookshelves, but the sound of the 4 ohm small footprint tower with the MAC int amp is hard to beat. These speakers
are incredible for the price. Made to your liking, and nothing can beat them for the middle dealer.
I am a huge B & W fan. I have had 7 differnt models.
All from the 600 series to the 800 series. My favorite is the 700 series......cost performance ratio is the reason
I like them.

I also got an absolute killer deal on my 6300 and MCD201.
Paid less for the combo than anything mentioned here. It took over 8 months of haggling.......paid off.
You have made a good choice...REAL MUSIC. My sixth MAC