Bookshelf to replace Martin Logan Source

Looking to replace a pair of Martin Logan ESL 'Source' speakers with a bookshelf set that can deliver similar sound quality with wider/taller dispersion. Trying to reduce the clutter and footprint (towers and subwoofer), and improve sound field. System will be powered by NAD C388 (with BloOS2i MDC) - once I figure-out how to get all the various firmware updates done and app to recognize it (wow NAD setup is unfriendly - compared to Denon).

  • B&W FPM4 = Used these as computer monitors for years. They have terrific mids/highs, but require a sub.
  • Elac Debut2.0-6.2 = Great value (not on-par with FPM4 or Debut2), now in the garage system - replaced Micca...
  • Micca MB42X - also a good value, but these weren't intended to compete with ML - they were purchased for near-field computer speaker duty, and later moved to garage (prior to Elac). 
  • SVS Ultra Bookshelf = Had high-hopes for these, and they do play low along with good mid/highs, but they sound like old rotary phone speakers compared to ML Source.
  • Auditioned Golden Ear Aon3 side-by-side with SVS Ultra Bookshelf in a store recently, and couldn't immediately tell which I preferred, so likely Aon3 will compare similarly to UltraBS against ML's. Even though I'm a GE fan (Triton3+ in the HT system), Aon3 is a non-starter.
Next, I'd like to try Buchardt S400 (rated down to 33Hz), reviews say they are very good - especially bass and dispersion. One YouTube review I watched even mentioned 'ESL sound'.

Are there any other bookshelf possibilities in the sub-$2000 range that might be close to ESL? Oddly enough, think the biggest hurdle is bass. They don't need to have the 'magic' mid/highs of ESL's (I'd be very surprised to find that), but they need bass equal to Source (which are not especially noteworthy - for towers).

SVS UltraBS fall short on bass. I could leave the sub there, but with a sub the B&W FPM4's actually have better mid/high than SVS. Guess I'm looking for outstanding bass and mid/highs on-par with UltraBS and FMP4's.

Any bookshelf recommendations in the sub-$2000/pr range are appreciated!
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Re: the Buchardt S400, note that the frequency response spec specifies +/- 3dB "in room".  So this measurement was probably taken with the speakers close to the front wall in a room of their choice.  If you look at the anechoic response curve, 33 Hz is more like the -10 dB point.  

I have a pair of the S400s on order, and will try to remember to post my in-room measurements when I get them.
Have you auditioned the Martin Logan Motion 15s? Great sound. I’m selling a pair with upgraded dark cherry cabinets. PM me if you’re interested. Also, the Revel Performa3 m 106 are worth a listen.
Quad Z-2's might be just what you are looking for. Best in class at $2k price range.
You have written the contradiction yourself. Bookshelf Speaker: Where's the bass?

IMO, get the best choice for mids, highs, imaging, and listen for a month without a subwoofer. 
BUT, have a sub location in mind, and have a sub in your budget.

My B&O bookshelf speakers died. I have a Velodyne powered 12" sub I used with them.

Hopped about like a cricket, chose a pair of Bowers and Wilkins DM100i.

Love them. I thought, they don't really need the sub, listened for a while, very happy. Then, why not, tried the sub, added just a touch more bass extension, just a touch, but now I would miss it.

They sound so good I re-arranged my office for perfect stereo imaging triangle. Previously I used balance control to adjust for slightly off center position. Goodby file cabinet, new keyboard shelf, built new suspended shelf to hold pc, dvd, back up drive, so glad I did. 

No matter what speakers you get, consider how ideal your listening position is.
that sub is overkill, I just had it.