Bookshelf/Stand-Mount 3-Way Monitors: Need Help

Today I spent another extended session at my local high-end shop listening to some ATC SCM11's, my third session at the shop. I also spent last weekend listening to them at my home through my own system. I really love their uncolored sound and how "fast" they play, and, of course, all the other qualities (e.g., imaging) that small speakers bring. I wish, though, that they were able to play an octave lower.

I've been searching for smallish high-quality monitors to replace my 35-year-old Bang & Olufsen 3702's, which are small (HxWxD = 20x10x10 inches), three-way (with an 8-inch woofer), acoustic suspension monitors. These are uncolored and "fast." In addition, they seem to play flat down to 45 Hz or so without relying on room reinforcement. I really love the sound of these speakers. I can't seem to find a modern equivalent. I'd love to hear your suggestions.

Thanks in advance.
Why look for something to replace the sound you already have and love ? You are unlikely to find "just like it but better", other speakers will have a different set of virtues and faults. Why not just spend the money on different parts of your system and keep what you have?
Ditto on the above. Just don't end up selling the Bang & Olufsen 3702. Some folks have regretted selling some stuff away that they can NEVER recover in the used market at a later stage due to rarity of these classic jewels.
Thanks, Stanwal and Ryder. The surrounds on the woofers failed a while ago. (These woofers are Peerless replacements that a B&O dealer/tech installed in '94.) I was about to have them re-surrounded when I started thinking about replacing all the drivers and maybe the crossover capacitors (the speakers have always had a very faintly audible background hiss) and having high-quality binding posts fitted (to accommodate modern speaker cables). Ultimately, I decided that since speaker cabinet construction and driver and crossover technology have advanced so significantly since 1975 (when I purchased my B&O's new), I should simply consider replacing my B&O's with modern, ostensibly "better" equivalents. I should mention that the limitations of the 3702's (these are 4 Ohm speakers rated at 50 Watts RMS continuous and 75 Watts peak, iirc, so I never dared to play them really loud!) also influenced my decision to replace them rather than repair/upgrade them. I'd welcome any suggestions for replacements.
Lenehan ML1 would work well for you. It has all the qualities you love in the ATC's and can punch below 40 Hz.