Bookshelf Speakers with the decent bass

Looking for the bookshelf speakers with the decent bass that would sound nice in 17'x 12' room. Listening preference:
Smooth/Uptempo Jazz; Acoustic Jazz and Ambiental music.
So far I am using Focal 807W Speakers and the NAD C356DAC.
Good sound, just missing "that" lover bass (hate sub woofers).
I really like how NAD sounds, especially after I replaced the
stock Pre/Amp jumpers. Nice open highs.
Or, should I try Floor standing speakers. Thank you in advance
on yours opinions.
"04-11-15: Roxy54
Users and reviewers speak well of "The Clue."

That's because they don't have one.
You might try Zu Omen bookshelf speaker. I heard these running on 5 watts of power and the 10" drivers were putting out some nice kick drum bass. 97db sensitive.
Nad and The 1CI is superb together.
The 1CI feature phase and time correct drivers, multi enclosure has it all over box speakers.
The 38HZ bass extension just makes music more full and natural. Here is a review.
Vandersteen dealer
Totem Mani-2 if you must have a bookshelf. But if you want bass, and floor standers are an option, you'll have lots more to choose from.