Bookshelf speakers with the best bass...

...performance (deep and well controlled)under $3000 (new)? Any suggestions? Thank you.
Unless you are actually putting them on the bookshelf, a good well matched speaker stand will do more to determine how good the bass is, more than anything other variable. So pick a speaker where you like the mids and highs and then carefully choose the stands.
They say Red Rose 1 monitors have nice 'bottom' extension!
I agree with Sugarbrie, great stands like Sound Org. with sand and lead shot, Blue Tac on top will certainly tighten and deepen bass. For $2500 the Reference 3A DeCapos are superb.
I'll second Red Rose. Sugerbrie's advice should also be headed. The Red Rose monitors are ported in the rear, and if they are not set up right they will sound pretty bad. If you are forced to put these into a bookshelf--these probably won't work.
Look into the Dynaudio 1.3SE. They retail for about $3500. You could probably get them for your price.
Ditto on the Dynaudio 1.3SE. They are an amazing sounding speaker (on stands).
Agree with position and stands as issues. Direction of port can also be an issue with bass and room placement. The Tyler Taylo reference has a front port which makes it easier to place near walls.
I own both the red rose and the ref 3a. Both have extended bass response for their size, but little else in common. The red rose is much smaller. It is also much more "forward" in character and requires much more amplifier to function properly. (I use the ref 3a with 11 watt set amps, the red rose speakers require a push-pull or ss amp.) So, depending on your taste (forward vs polite) and amp/room size, you will likely find one of these speakers a much better choice than the other.
Try the Revel M20s ($2,000). They put out very tight bass,
and they sound "bigger" than their size would suggest. But some find the midrange and treble to be a bit forward. They definitely are exceptionally clean sounding speakers with good dynamics.

I'd like to hear how the Dynaudios (1.3 SE)compare to the Revels. Anyone heard both?