Bookshelf speakers that renders 3D soundstage

Recently I am on a quest to find a pair of bookshelf speakers under $2k that will render 3D soundstage.  The soundstage does not need to be much wider than the speakers that are approximately 7-8 ft apart but, within the soundstage, I am particularly looking for the decent depth, focus image and pinpoint instrument/vocal separation.  The other sound trait I am particularly looking for is the nimble, agile bass that could go down to around 45 Hz -3dB.  The pairing amplification is going to be Parasound A23.  If you have experienced / auditioned that, please let me know.


Spica TC 50. Recapped with polypropylene BiWired with Kimber BiFocalXL. I ran mine with AR, Parasound, PrimaLuna.

Comments from friends:

"Awesome!! Joe Pass is sitting RIGHT THERE!"

"Man, your system is so PRECISE" - playing Warren Zevon

"Who need concerts?" listening to Bohemian Rhapsody and Chesky 67 1812

Focal's original Mini and Micro Utopia are still stunning, even though they are not the current model.  Here is the Mini, not quite bookshelf, but still a stand mount.  The Micro has one less mid-bass driver, which is the bookshelf configuration I believe you are interested in.

Focal JM LAB - Micro Utopia BE Speakers with beryllium tweeters  and Matching original Stands pair E

JM Labs Mini Utopia with JM Stands

The Falcon IMF-100 can be had for under 2 grand. It is sold factory direct in kit or factory built. It is a Transmission-Line and goes down to 40hz. It is an outstanding speaker!

Focal's original Mini and Micro Utopia are still stunning

IMHO, this is correct @lucky_doggg7 . I heard the Micro Utopia BE in a friend's well thought-out system and it was stunning in it's presentation of a fully fleshed-out soundstage. In his room, it was one of the best soundstage presentations, both side to side, and front to back, that I've ever heard.

Thank you, @lucky_doggg7 @reubent, for bringing Focal (JMLab) Mini / Micro Utopia to my attention.  I do not mind going up scale to standmount speaker like Mini Utopia at all as long as they fit the bill.  The transmission line design of Falcon IMF-100 as suggested by @donvito seems also promising too.  Interestingly, I was looking at another similar design speaker PMC Twenty5 22i the other day,.  The new one is over my budget but a used one might come up.  I also came across Bryston Mini T standmount speakers yesterday.  Anyone had experience with it?