Bookshelf speakers that renders 3D soundstage

Recently I am on a quest to find a pair of bookshelf speakers under $2k that will render 3D soundstage.  The soundstage does not need to be much wider than the speakers that are approximately 7-8 ft apart but, within the soundstage, I am particularly looking for the decent depth, focus image and pinpoint instrument/vocal separation.  The other sound trait I am particularly looking for is the nimble, agile bass that could go down to around 45 Hz -3dB.  The pairing amplification is going to be Parasound A23.  If you have experienced / auditioned that, please let me know.


Wish I were there.  I kind of felt the same way for S400 too but was not sure to give it a try.  I think I could probably rule it out now.  Was interested in ATC but there is no dealer here in the south Florida.  I guess one at a time now.  Dennis said he will give 14 days for trial.  Just need to pay for the shipping back if not working out.

The best speakers for imaging and sound stage are the ones with the best driver integration and coherence- in other words both drivers blend together seamlessly in their crossover region and truly sound like a point source.  

Anything made by KEF would work well if you like their tonal balance.

The option I prefer would be the Falcon Acoustics of MoFi LS3/5a monitors.  


@avanti1960, if the Falcon Q7 is anything like the Falcon LS3/5a; they should be very close. Then, I agree that speaker would be one to audition as well. Thing is, it does not have the bass requirement OP is looking for. Wanting 45 hz -3db is tricky. 

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