Bookshelf speakers that project voices well

Need suggestions for bookshelf size speakers that will help my 92 year old mother, with hearing impairment, hear movie and TV dialog better. Started with a pair of Focal Chorus 706 speakers. Good on music but too dark and recessed for dialog. Next tried a pair of Monitor Audio Bronze center channels. These actually sound better on music than on dialog but, aren't that great. I think that they are a poor match with the amp.

I think that articulation is a big concern here. Also, any voice that is well projected, she can hear ok. She hears most male voices well but, many female voices, especially those that are from people that don't project well is the main problem.

We need to keep this simple. Adding any complication such as hearing aids that can tie to the TV sound are not desirable just due to the additional complication.

Even though I'm not a fan of horn speakers myself, might that be a good direction to go?

The integrated amp is an Arcam FMJ-A19. The desirable features of the Arcam are having a display and having direct access of the inputs as opposed to having a sequential input selector. She can't keep track of what input the unit is on with a sequential selector. Trying a different amp might be possible but, it needs to have the same features as the ones that I have mentioned.

Thanks in advance to all responders.
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Have you considered going with a three-speaker setup with a dedicated center channel speaker? Many companies either voice their center channel to excel at dialog, or you can use EQ to enhance this aspect further.
Not bookshelves but the Devore O/93 with Leben is an amazing movie combination. Great with dialogue.
Thanks everyone for your input.

One option speaker wise that fits in with the LS3/5A line of thought is the Kef LS50. What HI-FI liked it with the Arcam.

The question about budget - max of $1000.

I'm gonna take a hard look at the ZVOX.