Bookshelf speakers + T-amp for TV Audio

New plasma TV has a great picture but crap sound. Dislike soundbars. Size of ZVOXAUDIO incompatible with set up. So am thinking amp and bookshelf speakers augmented with a powered sub (which I already own). So far I am considering Dayton Audio APA 150 (75 wpc stereo T-amp; analog inputs; line level outputs for speakers and sub; $159) and either Audioengine P4 speakers ($249) or Wharfedale Diamond 9.0 speakers ($140). Speaker size must be <= 11.25"H x 7.25"W; front ported; and play at least down into the low 60's Hz. Will control volume by Cable Box remote (cable box connected to amp via RCA ICs). Powered speakers not an option since speakers will be placed inside cabinet cubes (11.3"H x 7.3"W x 20"D) and therefore possibly subjected to overheating.

Have any better suggestions for around $400 or less? Used is fine.
If you can, do an experiment with (any) amp or receiver processing the signal from the RCA jacks you plan on using.

I've found some devices such as DirecTV and AT&T U-verse boxes have problem with lip sync if signal is pulled off the RCA jacks.

On my system the HDMI is in sync, others are not. I have not been able to find a stereo amp with HDMI input, so for the moment I've given up on supplementing my TV sound.
Thanks, Al, I thought i was going nuts.
Well, maybe I am, but not for the reason I thought.
I, too, hear an echo when playing my stereo speaker WITH the TV speakers. My TV is hooked to the small dish box with HDMI and I can use either unbalanced or optical/DAC for the audio to the stereo.
Sometimes I have an echo, other times not. Some programs are so bad it looks like they were dubbed from Italian.
I've experimented with all the knobs I can turn in the small dish setup without effect. Turning off 'nite mode' or whatever helps dynamics. Nite Mode is some kind of volume leveling circuit which reduces dynamic range.
I have a choice between PCM and Dolby or both for optical output, but leave it on PCM. Selecting both will mute the sound on HD movies, which I presume must default to Dolby which my DAC doesn't like.

Post if you have a solution to this latency issue.
I've found some devices such as DirecTV and AT&T U-verse boxes have problem with lip sync if signal is pulled off the RCA jacks.
Albert - OMG! I wonder how the heck this could be? I'll have to experiment. I have Comcast cable. Thank you for the warning.

Has anyone had this issue using optical audio out from TV (the only audio out from my TV is optical, which is why I was considering RCA out from cable box instead)? I could get a converter for around $100 to convert to analog, but only if lip sync issue does not appear. Though I'd rather not spend even more money if unecessary.

Also, ignoring the potential lip sync issue for the moment, any comments as to my analog solution (Dayton T-amp and Audioengine P4 or Wharfedale Diamond 9.0 speakers)? Better amp or speakers for $400 or less (see speaker requirements in original post)?
I have a pair of Gallo Micro Ti speakers with the Gallo MPS-150 sub. My main concern was finding the smallest speakers I could to please the wife. They sound very good for their intended purpose.