Bookshelf speakers or Gallos (or something else) with subwoofer for PC setup

I'm trying to set up a small system with my imac and a chipamp (Topping TP30) I inherited. I can get smaller bookshelf speakers for the bookcase that faces me (over the desk) or something like Gallo micros and put a subwoofer under the desk. I know there are a hundred answers for the right way to do this, but any suggestions would be very helpful. Or should I skip the amp and go with powered speakers. Budget $500-$1000, preferably on the lower side of that, but will go higher for quality. Happy to buy used if I can find it. I listen to classical, rock, jazz, and most everything else. I'm in an apartment so it's never going to get that loud. 

How important is it to make sure an audio PC is built specifically for that purpose. Is cross talk between PC parts common in terms of creating noise that will be audible through mon VidMate itors or headphones.

What steps would you guys reccomend to figure out if noise is being generated by components rather than a power outlet?

Is it very expensive to hire an electrician to install audio friendly outlets in your home/studio?

issue got solved!!