Bookshelf speakers for small room

I have a small room and listen rather closely.  I'm using a Uniti Atom and some older Martin Logan 4s and looking to upgrade the whole system with a great turntable, tube amp and a different DAC.  A local dealer demo'd me on the Harbeth P3 XD's and the vocals came through with crystal clarity- loved the sound!  But he played it loud and I'm playing at very low volumes (kids, wife, small house).  

What are some good bookshelf options for a small room and streamed music (and vinyl) played at lower volumes?   A good tube amp/DAC to match??
+1 on Omega recommendation for low volume, intimate listening to jazz and acoustic music.  I've owned both Harbeth and Omega, and Omega excelled in this application.  

@ZM- Which Omegas?
@HShifi- Thanks, good info.  which Martins do you have??
@labelman - the Super Alnico Monitor is probably the ideal model for your situation.  The proprietary Alnico driver Omega has developed is something special - super quick, extremely rich tonally, detailed without being fatiguing, very "lifelike".

Louis at Omega is a great guy to work with and would be happy to talk to you about your situation and either recommend something from the product line or do something custom for you.
I’ve been very happy with Rogers LS3/5a speakers in a nearfield setup.  They sound great at low volume levels, and scale very well.  Currently running them with Rega I/O 30wpc integrated.  
Love these recommendations.  Is there anything within the smallish footprint of the Martin Logan 4s that I have?  I really don't have any floor space and little desk space.