Bookshelf speakers for Peachtree Nova125

Any suggestions for $1k and under? Like to play loud from time to time. They may be a little close to wall (a foot or two).

Have a line on good deal for Peachtree Era5 for $600 or Focal Profile Diamond 908 for $1k. Open to buying used on here though. Any suggestions are appreciated as I'm pretty new to this. Thanks
Ive had the D5's in a bedroom system and they were great with an original Nova. However I would try the Clue monitors for sale on here as they are supposed to work well placed near a wall and come highly recommended by many members.
I that price range, I really like Monitor Audio. They're just great speakers all around. If you will consider a small floor-stander, a pair of Vandersteen Model 1's would be a great choice. They give you adjustments on the back of the xover to help compensate for less than ideal room placement. And they're very easy to drive.
For a G-note....

New: Tannoy Revolution DC6 or Rega RS1

Used: ATC SCM 11

All three are best of breed in the UK mags at their price point
Silverline Minuets--about $600 in beautiful rosewood with beautiful rich sound to match.
I appreciate the feedback. I had not heard of the Clue monitors. I read some positive reviews about them. They sound like they may be a good fit given the proximity to wall. I'm looking into the other above suggestions as well. Unfortunately I do not have space for floorstanders.