Bookshelf speakers for near-field (desktop) use

I am looking for a decent pair of new/used bookshelf speakers for near-field / desktop use. I plan to use this with my PC as the source. The speakers would go into a fairly small room but in the future, I may use these as a bedroom setup so it would be nice to have them be capable for both. 

I can power the speakers with either a PS Audio Sprout100, Anthem MRX510 or something I may buy in the future. I don't want to spend a ton on an amp to drive these speakers though. Budget is around $2,000. Just looking for great sound. I'm not a bass head so that's not a huge priority but the fuller the range in sound, the better. 

A few speakers that I have considered are: 

  • Buchardt S400 - Are they appropriate for desktop use though? 
  • KEF LS50 Passive - Used I can find one for around $800 or just buy new for ~$1,000
  • KEF LS50 Wireless - Good reviews, but about the same price as the Buchardt's

Zeos has a review on youtube of the Buchardt S400. According to him they aren’t really appropriate for nearfield, too diffuse sounding and preferred coaxial Kef R3.

Which reminds me of my experiment with using Revel M126BE and Revel Gem2s nearfield. Neither worked well. I believe speakers using large waveguide designs measure well in the midfield (2 meters or so) in terms of dispersion and look competitive with a coaxial design there but not once you move into the nearfield since they aren’t a true point source like a coaxial--a lot of the output you are getting is from reflections (direct output of the tweeter reflecting off the waveguide) which gives an excessively diffuse sound nearfield resulting in poor imaging.

This doesn’t matter in the mid-field because by the time you are out of the nearfield the majority of the sound you hear is reflections anyway, so I believe there’s sort of a minimum useful distance for large tweeter waveguide designs of at least several feet.

To me the ultimate nearfield monitor is a 3-way coaxial. Obviously if you aren’t budget limited, Kef Reference 1, Genelec 8331/41/51 or TAD ME-1 would be my first picks. But on a budget Kef R3 (or older R300) is probably the best. A 2-way coaxial isn’t quite as good because midrange excursion causes some doppler shift which affects the frequency response--unless you are listening at low SPLs (< 75).
@seasdiamondUnfortunately the Ref 1 would be a bit outside my budget but the R3 is right in my wheelhouse. Not sure how they would perform near field but I would be able to return them if I don't like them so that is another consideration. 
I believe you can buy kef r3 at best buy magnolia which has 14 day return policy. They also sell kef ls50/lsx/ls50w so u can certainly compare them directly at home if you wanted.
Wharfedale Denton, quite a balanced speakers for near field and mid field, save the money for a powerful amp ready to drive your speakers