Bookshelf Speakers for Large Room

My family room is very large (24’x24’x20’) with openings to other rooms.  I have a built in and there is no way to put in floor standers.  I have tried, demoed some nice floor standers and they are just too obtrusive and my wife HATES them out in the room.  So I am stuck with bookshelf. 

Budget is less of an issue, I just want something that will sound amazing and fill the space.  

I listen to all types of music but mostly classic rock, jazz, and my wife prefers show tunes and classical.  It is also our main space for TV and movies.  

I am currently leaning toward the Sonus Faber Guarneri Tradition and the Vox center channel.

My question is are there other brands I should consider?  I have listened to the Wilson Tunetot but I felt like they were struggling in the large room

Thanks for your advice.

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Is there a way to post a picture?  I cannot find a way.

The space where the speakers sit is about 22” deep.
I did not answer your last two questions:
I will pair a good amp to the speakers, right now if I go with the Sonus Faber I will probably get D’Agostino amp.  I do literally listen to all music but classic rock is probably my favorite but my list is long and diverse.  I work from home and usually sit in the sweet spot with my laptop or iPad.

I also host a lot (or did before the pandemic) so having great sound during get togethers is important as well.
The Sonus Fabers are really beautiful speakers!  Have you had a chance to hear them as well?  If so what did you like, what didn’t you like, why not buy them?

Fritz builds a really nice speaker called the Carrera BE.  They sound fantastic.  They use a 7” scan speak woofer with a Beryllium tweeter.  They aren’t as beautiful as the Sonus Fabers but the Carreras sound sublime.  The problem you may run into though is that they are rear ported.  
I think you’d be better off with a speaker that has a front port or no port at all.  The ATC’s that I mentioned sound really good as well and are a sealed design, which may work better for your application.  The ATC’s come in white which might fit your decor better.

You can just snap a picture of the built in and easily uoload it under your profile under your “virtual system”
Something I'm not quite understanding is whether you are going with a sub. Subs will limit the power to the satellites, and increase your dynamic range.

If you can, I also recommend Fritz, in a sealed enclosure, with a sub (if he makes sealed).
I uploaded a picture of my built in.  I currently have KEF R series speakers that I am upgrading.  Here is a link.

Why not buy them?  I probably will.  I listened to them and loved them.  The reason I am asking is because all of the other bookshelves I have listened to were $6K-$8K and these are $16K.  I just want to make sure I am not missing something that is out there.  Wilson only has the Tunetot, B$W the 805’s, and there is not much around me (Orlando) that I have found to sample.  

As for the sub, I currently have dual Sunfire subs but they are in the cabinet behind acoustically transparent material.  I will see how well they sound with the SF’s.  I do watch movies and so really need subs, but I want them to blend well with music first and foremost.

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I heard the Borresen 1 stand mounted at RMAF last year in a few rooms and was impressed with what two little boxes could do. But the last room I saw them in was a very large room and I heard the coming up the hall and was shocked when I saw that all that sound was coming out of two little boxes. I am not sure of the cost, but if you have the opportunity, give them a listen.
This would be my choice in the placement situation you describe as it is a front slot loaded transmission line design which would be more tolerant. Plus it sounds great and at $2500 lets you update your subs and still keep a bundle in your bank account. Choice of four finishes.

Reach out to Bob Neill at Amherst Audio.

I own the Fritz Carrera's and they would be my first choice in another situation but you might have a bass bloat problem with your required placement and need to stuff the ports partially.
ATC Monitors (passive)  and the biggest baddest sweetest SS power amp you can find (suggestion Hegel H590)


ATC SCM 20 Actives
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That subject came up this afternoon in my phone conversation with Fritz and the indication I got was that it was not something he was inclined to do. He did mention that there was another "mid-range" driver version of the Revelator driver that cutoff at a higher point that could be substituted but they would have to be purchased as a one pair purchase for him. That would mitigate the low end bloat if placed to close to a rear wall. Also that the "production" version of the Carbon Six was going back to the bigger box.

Another option is to buy an amp or integrated like the ones from Aesthetix that have the built in adjustable crossovers like the Atlas amp or the Mimas integrated. 
The Yamaha NS 5000 are called bookshelf speakers. However, even though they are large they have a piano grand finish (think Yamaha pianos) which you wife may appreciate. The sound is reference caliber.

Your room would be perfect for these speakers.

A couple of other ways to go would be to show you wife the Vivid Giya speaker line or the KEF Blade (my fav). They do not look like traditional box speakers and the Vivid can be placed closer to a wall than most. These 2 are phenomenal speakers to my ears.
Looked at your picture.  

This is going to be radically limiting.  Port bungs will solve the issue of rear ported speakers pushing air out the back and bass muddiness but won't solve the problem of getting proper imaging.  If you are going to spend >$10K on a pair of speakers, I would want to make sure the image comes together.  

Those Sonus Fabers might be your best bet but i would look to be able to return them if you don't like them.  I have not spent $16K but I spend $7k on a pair of standmounts that just didn't work in my space.  

Marten's Parker Duo has a rear passive radiator, the Duke2 is ported and the Vimberg has a rear passive radiator.  Mine (Verdant) are rear ported and won't work.  Raidho is front ported but needs distance from the back wall for soundstage to come together.  Wilson Benesch Geometry require the stands to work right as they are ported out the bottom.    

Maybe the Magico A1 as an alternative?  This is an interesting challenge.  

D'Agastino would be brilliant with those Sonus Fabers.  If and when Chord comes out with a new Ultima Integrated, I think it would also be a fine choice at a less brutal price point.  

Can you at least raise or eliminate that shelf above the speakers that currently divides the space vertically in two?  That would give you a bit more room to maneuver.

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Thank you all for the reply’s and great feedback.  I have some research to do.  

The shelves above the speakers are adjustable and removable.  At least up to the top of the tv, then it is a solid piece of wood.

I wish I could listen to some of these speaker recommendations, I am very curious but also limited to what is available.  I have always been intrigued by Salk but they don’t have dealers, but if I ever make it to Michigan I want to check them out.

I really like my local dealer that has let me sample several different speakers in my home, it has been helpful.  

I know it seems like such a waste to buy such expensive speakers just to limit them by placement.  My plan is to use them for great sound when watching movies, fill the room with beautiful music if just hanging out at home or when I have guests.  But then pull out the stands ad move them away from the wall when I want to really sit in front of them enjoy a great sound stage and listen to music as it was intended.  My wife is gone all day at work (or will be once she goes back) and I work from home so I have 9 hours to set up the speakers, work, and enjoy.

Thanks again, I really love this hobby, the community is the best!
You may want to consider the Gershman Acoustics Studio II. Sealed design for easy placement, incredible imaging, natural tone, and world class bass. If you're interested I'm happy to send you a pair to audition.

- Colin

Gershman Acoustics dealer