Bookshelf Speakers for In-Wall Book Shelf


Any suggestions on some good bookshelf speakers for a really bad placement?

I have in-wall book shelves to the right and left of my TV in my living room that I would like to intall some good bookshelf speakers in. I assume a sealed enslosure would be best to help with the bass issues of the bookshelf. Integrated Amp is a Naim Nait 5si and I would like to keep the cost below $1500 if possible. I've been kicking around Dali, Dynaudio and Vandersteen.

Thanks in Advance.
I had the 5si. It was a bad match with Vandersteen. The best sound I was able to get, was with a pair of B&W LM-1's. You would probably have to get them used because I don't think they are still made. The Naim N-Sat was an OK match, but I don't think it will sound good in a shelf. I didn't have them both at the same time, but I suspect the Pioneer SP BS22's would be a good match as well.
I love my Dynaudios VR-1s sitting in the bookshelves driven by a Creek 5350SE. Just amazing how they disappear! They have a very wide and tall soundstage and surprising depth. If you can find them.....
"09-30-15: Tgrisham
I love my Dynaudios VR-1s sitting in the bookshelves driven by a Creek 5350SE."

The Creek is in a completely different league than the Naim. I had both of them.
New or used? Any LS3/5A type speaker should fit the bill ! The Spendor 3/5R2 goes for $1500 new,the older versions go for about $600 used. There is a pair of the Harbeth P3ESR listed here close to your budget. I've owned both and I think you would like them !
Its not a clean sounding amp. If you have a soft or low detail speaker, then it sounds OK. The B&W's I had were like this. It was one of the few models that doesn't have a metal tweeter. If you put the amp on a speaker that has good detail, it falls apart sonically. I had a $600 Cambridge integrated that was more capable in every way. Your Creek is at the other end of the spectrum. I've heard amps that may do certain things better, but never anything that sounds better overall (In its price range.). I think Naim tried to do too much for too little money with the Nait. They should have just made the thing right from the beginning and charged more for it.
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