Bookshelf speakers $500 -$700

Hi all,

I am wondering if I could get some advice on a pair of bookshelf speakers to pair with an Anthem MCA20 Power Amp/TLP1 Pre. Looking for something versatile (mostly rock and jazz, with some classical thrown in).

Budget is between $500 and $700.

Those active ones are so perfect you won't need your amp at all...
You can also try them and return if not satisfied.
why not just buy these for $129.00?

Pioneer SP-BS22-LR

they get rave reviews

worth a listen
Pioneer sp-bs22 is a great starting point, just bought a pr for my granddaughter. They will pop up on Amazon for $89 a pr. Next big jump up is the Silverline Minuet Supreme + that will easily compete with the Spendors, Harbeths , etc at two to three times the price.
Two suggestions: Google them for other top reviews

Rega R1 or RS1

The Rega R1 Loudspeaker - A New Budget Reference
The Stereo Times review December 2005

"..The Rega R1 becomes my new budget reference speaker. In
addition of its ability to get the fundamentals of music right, it adds clarity
and resolution, and an ability to lay out a vivid and coherent 3-
dimensional stereo image. In small room applications, what more could
you want?..."

Tannoy Revolution DC6

WHAT HI-FI 5 Star rated

Review Sept 2012

".. Best standmounter £350-£700, Awards 2012. ...
Detailed, dynamic and fast on their feet, these sound just as good as they
look ...."

I have the Tannoys in my " B" system and the R1s in my
" C" system.

Highly recommended and well worth a personal audition.
"07-23-14: Philjolet
why not just buy these for $129.00?
Pioneer SP-BS22-LR"

I have a pair of those I use my PC. No question they're a great deal, but with a budget of $500-&700, I think you a speaker that is a big step up from the Pioneer.
I agree get some actives and ditch your amp.
I recently picked up a pair of PSB Imagine Bs that I'm pleased with. They are rear ported and will do best when placed on a solid stand. I have them paired with a SVS sub and cross them over at about 60.

When deciding on bookshelves, placement proximity to the walls is important. How close do you intend to place them to a wall? Also, do you already have a sub? If not, that could be a factor depending on how much bass you want from the rock.
+1 Silverline Minuets. Heard them at a show several years ago and was astounded as was most everyone else in the room. Imaging was first rate, and they even did a credible job of placing a stand-up bass in the room with great weight, tonality, and micro/macro dynamics. Best of luck.
Consider the LSA1 monitor. Now that they've gone Internet-Direct, the standard edition falls right into your price range.

Stereomojo review
The best available at that price are,as others have said, are
the Silverline and Rega 1.
Silverline a bit better all-rounder, the Rega is superb on acoustic music
Second Johnny,
LSA-1 monitors in black ash with a close out sale for $499.99 brand new. These speakers sold for $1,300.00 not so long ago. Rave reviews! It's like Christmas in July!

If not, the Silverline Minuets as Schubert recommended but I believe the LSA-1will be more suitable with rock music.

Just my opinion.
In that budget active studio monitors are the real deal . regardless of brand . Mackie , adam , focal ,genelac , ect ... all sound better than any HiFi offerings I have ever heard . Flat response , which means nothing stands out ,,bass will not over power mids and highs , treble will not stand out over mids and highs . very cohesive . Give them a try you will not be disappointed .
These Wharfedale Dentons look real nice and they're on sale at Music Direct. Wharfdales are generally pretty warm and full. My favorite cheap speakers.
zd542 I hear you! those speakers look nice. I have just been cutting back on spending myself and the reviews of the Pioneer probably exaggerate.
I purchased the LSA statements based on the hype. Compared them to a friends Adams A7's and quickly boxed them up and sold em. The guy who bought them from me sold them two weeks later because he didn't like them either. I don't usually speak badly about a brand but I just don't get the appeal.
Dali Zensor 3. $695. Music Direct.....
Most of the near field monitors will require an XLR connection. You could use your TLP1 (selling your amp as suggested) and get an RCA to XLR cable from Monoprice.

Check out the Sweetwater reviews of the JBL LSR305s. I've had a pair for six months. The bass response to 43 hz is the real deal and important if you want to hear the bass guitar and kick drum.
Cambridge Audio Aero 2 loudspeaker $549

two way 6.5 woofer

this offers the BMR mid/tweeter that goes down to 250 hz!

I read some raves about it over at AA
My search for similar quest brought me to the wonderful Adam F7 active monitors. Slightly above your budget ($898) but since they are active they do not require amp/pre. Well worth the added cost (although you could sell your amp and/or pre to fund) - they are extraordinary.
Correction my friend had Adam F7 not A7 and as Rockadanny has stated they are excellent.